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Winter is already keeping auto repair shops busy

In the summer it’s hail, in the fall it’s deer and other large animals on the road, and now with winter coming, it’s sleet leaving dents and ice and snow causing accidents. There seems to be no end to weather related damage done to vehicles and the need for a reputable auto repair shop.

Given that upstate New York had already been hit by Snow before winter had officially begun, it’s not surprising that WKTV News Channel 2 out of the Utica area recently scratched out the headline: “Winter Weather Sends Lots of Cars Spinning to repair shops. The article tagged winter with the unwelcome title of “car accident season.” And the scenario is being repeated throughout the Northeast, with much of the rest of the country following closely behind in January snow and ice accident counts.

Local body shops in the region, however, were celebrating the bad weather and were quite busy in the weeks leading up to the holidays. In fact, a New York auto repairman who has been in the business for nearly four decades told the news channel that every year is the same. When a snow storm arrives, the number of accidents on the roads multiplies. A body shop owner says, “It seems like every winter people forget how to drive in the snow.”

Turns onto guardrails are the number one reason you find vehicles at your repair shop in the winter, but accidents aren’t the only reason body shops are in demand right now. Sleet can also cause a lot of cosmetic damage, such as peeling paint, dents, and cracked windshields.

So what happens if you find yourself in one of these car-damaging situations? Do not panic. A skilled auto repair professional can repair the damage. The important thing is that you and everyone else involved have not been injured. Once everyone’s safety has been established, do your due diligence to locate a body shop with a leading reputation for quality collision repair.

Look for an auto repair service that is committed to bringing normalcy back to your life, with a team of certified professionals whose singular goal is to get you back on the road quickly and with the confidence that your vehicle has been restored to your complete satisfaction. A history of punctuality, professionalism, and customer convenience are the hallmarks of a top-tier auto repair provider. A warranty on every repair job also shows that an auto repair shop is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction.

And above all, remember that patience is a virtue. After all, because repair genius takes time to accomplish. As the WKTV article advised, “…if you end up taking your car to the body shop for repairs, be patient. During car accident season, shops are inundated with work.” Would you rather be immediately squeezed by a body shop doing subpar work or wait an extra day or two for a finished job that will have you wondering if the damage was just a figment of your imagination?


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