Scheduled Dreams – Schedule dreams to get answers about the future

Programmed dreams continue to amaze me. There seems to be no limit to what they can reveal. We demonstrate this repeatedly with cause and treatment for health problems that are not yet known in modern medicine. We also demonstrate it with dreams that go beyond the dreamer more than can be explained by chance. This is similar, for example, to those who face desperate situations and then, repeatedly beyond chance, discover that prayer works.

A series of programmed dreams have predicted future events with amazing accuracy. This is not to say that the dreamer will receive this particular miracle any night at will, but it does indicate that such can happen and we should not exclude the possibility. In fact, excluding the possibility from consideration could eliminate the possibility of it happening. That would be like putting a problem on a computer and adding the stipulation that the computer cannot solve the problem.

Once a couple asked for advice on whether to get married and I told them to schedule a dream. Also, I said, it will be the same dream because there is only one better answer. I meant, of course, that it would be the same answer. The symbolism can vary. Both had the dream of getting married, and the symbolism of each one represented having four children. Many years later, after the birth of their fourth child, the woman required a tubal ligation due to pregnancy complications.

In another case, a man programmed a dream about starting a business with an oriental couple. The people were honest, friendly and hard-working; but the dream told him that the husband would have a heart attack and could not work, so he did not enter society. I don’t know the outcome, but based on thousands of other program dreams, I’d be surprised if this didn’t happen.

One of my own personal experiences involved an offer I had to buy a certain development property. On the surface, it seemed like a promising investment. Crucial to the potential value of this property was the planned opening of a bridge across the bay. People were encouraged to buy two properties because they would double in value when the bridge opened and they could sell the second to pay for the first.

The scheduled dream, however, revealed that all the owners would try to sell the second property at the same time the bridge opened and prices plummeted. Essentially, that’s what happened. Prices fell, in some cases, by as much as 50 percent.

Information beyond what is contained in the mind

Information often goes beyond what we assume is contained in the mind. In fact, programmed sleep can provide knowledge that we know for a fact was not within the range of information available to us through direct perception of the five senses.

For example, I once wrote a very strong letter to a patient who was taking too much Valium. Two nights later, in my sleep, I realized that she was so enraged by the letter that she decided not to return it. Then, during the dream, I realized that we were both at the same receptive level of consciousness, so I imagined her deciding to come the next day. When she arrived, she told me: “When I received your letter yesterday, I was so upset that I decided that she would never come back.

But when I woke up this morning, I changed my mind.” She, of course, thought I had changed my mind when in fact all she did was read my mind. Anyone can do that in sleep, but few realize it.

Two business patients saw their stores being robbed during a dream. The first saw someone punch a hole in the roof of his pawn shop, climb down a rope ladder, and steal weapons. He called the police and they told him they already caught him. He had activated the alarm.

Another woman woke up to a dream that someone was tying up her manager in the back room and stealing her jewelry. She called, and it had just happened. When you schedule enough time for dreams, your mind realizes that you want to collect information during your sleep, and automatically does so for you. You may receive important information that you need to know. Sometimes the information can alert you to danger involving a friend and you will know exactly what to do.

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