My Top 10 Favorite Comedians

There are so many different styles of comedy and each one has its own, at least the ones that stand out. You have the standard monologues that stand with a microphone and use words to create their humor, musical-type acts that use instruments or sing and have musical accompaniment, prop acts that use visual aids to make the crowd laugh, and improv acts that they do comedy. the cuff. They are all great in their respective forms and I won’t start to categorize each and every style here. I will just go through a lot of stage comics and say why they are my favorites and then try to put them on a top 10 list. There may even be some here that you’ve never heard of … yet! But that doesn’t mean they aren’t incredibly fun. It just means that they are not a household name. There are thousands of great comedians performing all the time on the world stage who have not yet been discovered and just because you are great, it does not exclude that you are a star.

So, here we go: Robin williams it is a magnificent example of comedy that has no borders. High energy and uninhibited with a flair for the dramatic and a good percentage of improvisation. Jerry seinfeld It is a monologue that uses well-crafted words and sentences in observations on topics that everyone can relate to. Nothing comes out of his mouth that has not been carefully thought out beforehand. Richard pryor He was one of a kind when it came to standing up. You never knew what he was going to say, but you knew for sure that he was going to be delivered with his irreverent style and that you were going to laugh out loud. George carlin it’s the best of both worlds. He’s a monologue, a word maker, and his facial expressions are to die for. He’s very lively in his approach and you can’t help but get caught up in the show. Brian regan It also fits into the same monology style with animated goofy facial expressions. His material is highly identifiable and makes him one of the most enjoyable acts working on the circuit today. Howie mandel He is one of the best improvisers in the business today. Her wit and sympathy is impeccable and when she first appeared on the scene in the late 70s, she would sometimes work on accessories to add to the experience. The amazing JonathanLike Howie, he uses the audience to create a “no two shows are alike” kind of atmosphere. Use accessories to help and do magic in a unique way. Steven wright it has a classic style. He uses a well thought out and creative observation humor and puts it all in a very deadpan and deliberate delivery with his own inclination towards things. I remember working with Steve at the old Improv in New York. He was about to continue and he seemed very introspective and I asked him if he was okay. He looked up and in his low voice said, “I’m very hyperactive.” It kills me. Bill cosby is the classic storyteller. No one can deliver them like him. The best thing is that no matter how long the story is, you never get bored of hearing him tell it. Great style and many have been influenced by it over the years. Victor Borge He was definitely a master musical comedian. He started out as a classical pianist, who later became an accomplished comedian. Known as ‘The Great Dane’, he was surely missed terribly. Otto and George He is a Triple X rated ventriloquist who is very dirty and hysterically funny. It’s one of a kind and it’s an act that I love to watch when I’m away and I can go to a show. It hurts me to laugh. You never know what Otto is going to make George say. Sam kinison he was a comedian with a very irreverent style like Pryor was.

You never knew what subject he was going to rant about, but you knew that he would attack him with all his might. A cool, loud and funny stage character. Jay leno it’s a fantastic monologue. Don’t be guided by what you see on The Tonight Show either because it’s written material that a team of writers must gather quickly all the time. Go see his show live and you will see the true Jay Leno. Like Seinfeld, he uses carefully crafted words to build a highly visual image for the audience to imagine. Abbott and Costello it was one of the best comedy teams of all time. As I mentioned in other articles, they had the unique ability to mix brain material and antics as one and present it in one of the most enjoyable performances you will ever see. Don rickels He is a great comedian who works with the public and who uses the audience for his humor.

It breaks all the stereotypes and barriers and makes people realize that in the end we are equal. And although his character on stage may seem insulting in comedy form, you know that in his soul he is a sweet, genuine and very nice man. He is all of those things. Martin and Lewis they were a great comedy team that mixed antics with music. Dean had a cool, warm and caring personality on stage and Jerry was the hyperactive kid who could do anything for laughter. They were the show to see in the 50’s and well worth the admission price. For my honorable mentions I would love to list Steve Martin, Jack Benny, Henny Youngman, Jim Carrey, Monty Python, Burns & Allen, Red Skelton, Bob Nelson, Eddie Murphy, Dom Irerra, Richard Jeni, Bob Hope, Pudgie, Buddy Hackett, Pat Cooper, Danny Kaye, Woody Allen , Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner, Jackie Mason, Jeff Dunham, The Great Ballantine, Lisa Lampanelli, Rosie O’Donnell, Senor Wences, Foster Brooks, George Wallace, Lewis Black, Bobby Collins, Burns & Schreiber, Phyllis Diller, Patti Rosborough, Greg Hahn, Alan Stephen, Dennis Blair, Carrot Top, Pee Wee Herman (Paul Reubens), Jackie Vernon, Charlie Callas, Larry David, Nick Di Paolo, Denis Leary and Allen & Rossi. So, here we go: My Top 10 Favorite Theater Comedians List

1. Abbott & Costello

2. Martin and Lewis

3. Robin Williams

4. Otto and George

5. Richard Pryor

6. George Carlin

7. Bill Cosby

8. Howie Mandel

9. The amazing Jonathan

10. Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, and Brian Regan (tied for 10th) That’s it for my favorites list. Believe me, that was difficult for me. Being a comedian myself for so long, it is obvious that I have been very influenced by the genre and there are so many acts that I have loved seeing in my life. For me, mentioning them all would take too long. If you have any favorites that I haven’t mentioned, let me know because I may have forgotten some myself. Once again, thanks for reading, from THE TORNADO COMEDY !!

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