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cocaine Matt Might Is the Last Senator in Waiting

cocaine Matt Might

“Cocaine,” a colloquial reference to crack cocaine, is a well-known metaphor in American culture. The cocaine trade, of course, is more than a metaphor in American culture. More than anything else, cocaine addiction destroys family life, destroys lives, destroys livelihoods and destroys the very social standing that people (especially white Americans) assume they are entitled to. This has been true for many decades, ever since the drug first arrived on U.S. shores. But there is a new trend taking place in the United States: families are refusing to look the other way when it comes to their loved ones who are addicted to cocaine.

Cocaine is a Schedule II stimulant. That means that it is both a highly dangerous drug and a controlled substance. The reason it is illegal to sell is because it is both addictive and highly toxic. The slang for cocaine mitch is crank. It means that one crack of the cocaine pod will send you to heaven or quick jail time. In May of 2021, West Virginia’s coal industry boss, Don Blankenship, became a national figure when he was sentenced to forty years in federal prison for selling cocaine, a Schedule II drug, to an undercover cop working for the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The drug bust itself was relatively routine. A narcotics detective working in Virginia Beach, looking to bust a dealer, recognized the connection between the cocaine Mitch and his associate, whom he had not seen in years. When he approached him about the matter, he was surprised to find that the man he was searching for was actually the son of a friend of his own cocaine dealer, and that the friend was actually a dealer as well.

cocaine Matt Might Is the Last Senator in Waiting

That revelation sent shock waves through the Republican establishment in west Virginia. Not long after that, the state’s largest newspaper, the WVEC (WVEC Newspapers), endorsed Senator Orrin Hatch for president. With the endorsement of such a major media outlet, Hatch easily won the west Virginia primary and went on to become the youngest member of the United States Senate. While many political pundits predicted that Hatch would win, the reality was that no one among the other four contenders, not Senator Barrack Obama, Senator John McCain, Senator Ted Cruz, and Governor Bush, was able to secure enough delegates to win the west Virginia primary. The primary results were a rather lopsided vote. Mitt Romney, who finished second, garnered only thirteen percent of the vote.

In light of this, Senator Sessions is currently the overwhelming favorite to become the next United States Senator from Alabama. Senator Sessions is the most pro-life candidate to ever be a United States Senator. He is also a strong advocate of keeping our nation safe and believes that the drug trade is an evil that has destroyed much of the moral fiber of our society. These are very conservative values that any Republican can espouse and that will attract a majority of the vote in upcoming elections. Unfortunately, until now, the media has not treated Sessions as a serious contender for president of the United States.

Even though Kentucky’s primary was relatively ugly, it still managed to garner the most number of pledged delegates out of all of the southern states. The question is whether the national media is serious about giving Sessions a shot at the White House in case he is nominated by the Republicans to become the next United States Senator from Alabama. Although there are many things that critics have said about Sessions, including allegations that he is racist and sexist, he has also been labeled as the right choice for the position. So, if Senator Sessions does become the next United States Senator from Alabama, do not forget the cocaine mitch, the man who started it all!


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