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What Should I Pack For a yacht charter Monaco Vacation?

yacht charter Monaco Vacation

There’s no doubt that a yacht charter is one of the most luxurious vacation experiences available, but it’s also a very different type of holiday, with a whole host of additional considerations. Whether you’re embarking on an island-hopping adventure in the sun-soaked Caribbean or enjoying a luxury yacht charter Monaco in the chic cruising grounds of the Mediterranean, it’s vital to pack properly for your bespoke yacht vacation.

Having an expertly-crafted checklist will help you avoid any unnecessary stress and make packing for your charter as easy as possible, so you can focus on enjoying every moment of your yachting getaway. Ultimately, what you’ll need to bring depends on the destination, time of year and the yacht itself. However, as a general rule, it’s best to pack light and smart.

This is especially important if you’re aboard a smaller monohull, such as a Lagoon 450, with limited cabin space. While it’s tempting to take a large suitcase, a soft bag will be a much better option as you won’t have to worry about occupying valuable space with bulky luggage.

What Should I Pack For a yacht charter Monaco Vacation?

In addition, many luxury yachts ask guests to abide by the “bare feet” protocol whilst onboard, so bringing a pair of flip-flops is ideal for when you hop off and on again. High heels and hard sole shoes are a no-go, as they can scratch and damage the teak decking. If you’ll be exploring rocky or reef-rich areas, it may also be worth bringing a pair of rubber water shoes.

Depending on the dubai concierge service, you’ll likely want to pack some warmer clothing as well. Generally, light layers are best, as the breeze can get quite cool on the ocean. You’ll also need a couple of smart outfits for evenings ashore, if desired.

A lightweight mac might also be a good idea, as it can save you from being caught in a downpour during your trip. The same applies to a hat or scarf for protection against the sun. It’s also a good idea to pack a waterproof case for your camera and any other electronics you plan to use on your trip, as the sea can be a little rough.

It’s also a good idea to have cash-on-hand at all times, as some places don’t accept credit cards and having a bit of local currency will come in handy if you need to pay for taxi rides or quick purchases in any beachside boutiques. Finally, a stylish beach bag will come in useful for carrying all your belongings, as well as a great place to keep the essentials such as sunscreen, snorkel gear and sunglasses. Don’t forget your luxury yacht concierge, who can let you know if any essentials are provided on board, including power adapters.


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