Who is Jay Kubassek?

If you are one of the tribe of new age entrepreneurs who use the Internet as one of their main networking and marketing tools, you will definitely have heard of Carbon Copy Pro and the hype this ‘Business in a Box’ has created. Started by the nondescript Canada-born, US-based Jay Kubassek, it has grown dramatically to become one of the most requested trading strategies in four years. And even if he doesn’t believe in his philosophy and unbridled success, Kubassek has managed to create a system that has challenged the way traditional MLM works, by allowing subscribers to sell the products of their choice while reaping the benefits of a integrated commercial network.

Kubassek was selling mufflers in a Midas franchise before he decided to leverage his business acumen and marketing skills in a way that not only fulfilled his entrepreneurial desire, but also provided a stable foundation and support for others of his kind to make the big deal. jump. With his business partner and current Carbon Copy Pro President Aaron Parkinson, Kubassek now helps ordinary people like you and me make a bigger impact in their target markets using simple tools like the internet, a phone and a notepad. paper.

In 2004, at the age of 25, all Kubassek had to show for himself was a job that earned him $50,000 a week and left him perpetually broke and miserable. As he dropped out of high school, his options were limited and it was almost impossible for him to start over. Realizing that he needed to find alternative sources of income, he began experimenting with network and referral marketing, MLM, pyramid schemes and even ponzi schemes. While none of these were profitable experiences, they did teach him crucial skills that would make the ultimate difference between success and failure. Nearing the point of exhaustion, Kubassek stumbled upon a website that offered him online marketing opportunities. Directing all his energy, frustration, and desire to succeed into this venture, he began making a phenomenal profit in ninety days. During his first year, he earned more than $600,000, making him realize that he had stumbled upon the opportunity of a lifetime: a technique that, if taught and packaged effectively, would benefit struggling Americans around the world. country.

Kubassek very quickly developed a successful marketing system that worked with Google and other search engines and gave subscribers access to some of their best marketing solutions for free. In 2007, he coupled this system with one developed by Parkinson and launched Carbon Copy Pro as we know it today, which combines the effectiveness of both the Internet and the phone to increase the reach of subscribers and their products.

And in addition to being a successful businessman, Jay Kubassek is also a professional speaker and trainer, traveling the world educating others about the benefits of his discovery. He owns a real estate company and an adventure sports company, as well as being active in the field of endurance sports. Currently based in New York, he serves as the best advertisement for his company’s success and continues to work on developing effective marketing strategies that have the potential to change people’s lives.

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