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Pros and Cons of Portable Mini Fridges

There are certain things that we don’t buy often. For example, a refrigerator. We get a new one only if the old one doesn’t work properly or we look for a better one. Sometimes if we move we think about buying a new fridge. Even students who stay in apartments need affordable apartments to store their stuff. A better option is to get a portable mini fridge that will serve the purpose. When you have decided to buy a portable mini fridge, you should not be confused with the compact fridge. A compact refrigerator is the smallest refrigerator that includes a freezer compartment on top. Mini fridges are about as big as a drawer with two cabinets. They may not always have a freezer.

Pros of mini fridges

1. It is smaller and lighter than its larger counterparts. As soon as you buy it, you can immediately set it where you want it.

2. If there are small corners in your room, you can make good use of this space.

3. People with small offices can also use it at their convenience.

4. It is possible to save a lot on electricity bills because only a small space in the refrigerator needs cooling.

Cons of mini fridges

1. Being small in size, you can only store limited items inside.

2. Cannot hold large items.

3. You may need to take out one thing to put in another thing that needs priority storage.

The brands of the portable mini fridge are different from those of the normal ones. Haier makes good portable mini fridges that work well and are cost effective, especially for college students. Some of the models are larger and have more space with a freezer as well. Some models also have cooling systems that are advanced and save electricity. Other good brands include Danby, Igloo, and Sanyo. Igloo is believed to offer a great portable mini fridge.

When you know all the basics of these fridges, you should be able to choose a good one too. Do not be guided by appearances because they can be deceiving! You have to take a look inside the refrigerator and see all its features. See if it has the features you need. Then ask for the price. Compare it with other models and see which one offers better value for money. Then make your purchase. Also consider the space in your home and see if it fits there.

If you find a refrigerator under $200, you need to look at it again. You can also find them in your local stores. Take a look at the store properly to see if there are any offers with small prices or discounts. These are not usually found because small refrigerators do not occupy the focus of sales. You can also find some good deals online, especially Haier which is a Chinese brand. You can find deals where shipping costs are low.

So when you’ve decided what to buy, do a thorough check on the factors mentioned above and end up with a good deal.


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