Message from the Universe: May all your dreams come true!

“My wish for you is that you succeed beyond your wildest imagination. That you find love in places that amaze you. And that you have friends who call you” just because. “I dream that you go barefoot more than you wear shoes. Play as hard as you work. And that you laugh more than you cry. I want you to set the bar high, but not too high. To reach for the stars, but with your toes on the ground. And never, never stop dreaming But above all, I wish your happiness.

And these dreams of mine are the ones that started it all.


The universe “

Watch and hear from within that all your dreams will come true. Even if you feel like giving up, don’t, as something up there is looking out for you. Imagine our vast Universe, where everything you see happens from that unimaginable energy force that created what we see today. The Big Bang is something very difficult to imagine, even more difficult to believe. From a vacuum to 100 billion more galaxies and possibly other Universes, the temperature in outer space had to be perfect. Scientists wonder how and what triggered all this. Divine intervention was obviously part of all this, that is a fact and even the most atheistic scientist Stephen Hawking previously believed that it was all just a pure coincidence, until he realized that the coincidence could not have been part of the equation in the Universe. It is too precise to be a simple coincidence.

So, if all this is possible, at the level of our Universe, how easy can it be to make your dreams come true? I mean, your dreams aren’t to recreate something as big as the Big Bang, right? So anything else can be handled by you, and ONLY you. It may take some involvement to make your dreams come true faster than normal, but it’s all about starting with these thoughts that will propel you into outer space. Don’t forget to also realize that you are human and that inner power cannot be unleashed in nature. You need to contain this force, the power that you possess. I’ll be by your side to make sure you don’t overdo it. The rest, well, you know how to go from here.

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