Best of Al Saud: Princess Sultana Reveals It All

Saudi Arabia is a millionaire’s dream. The playground of the oil fields, the meaning of the exaggerated and extravagant. But nothing is perfect, and if I had to choose between a normal European girl life or a Saudi Arabian princess life, I would choose the former. Since the princess Sultana made the decision to write a book, she exposed the most intimate parts of her life. Is it possible that in the world of the excessively rich something could go wrong?

Saudi Arabia has a great flaw, or rather, the men in Saudi Arabia have a great flaw. I’m not trying to judge or offend anyone, nothing like that, but if there’s one thing I believe in, it’s the story behind the book. Let’s just say it’s silly, the fact that I believe every word I’ve read, but this can’t be a story in disguise. There is a reason I love this book and believe in it: Sultana is not perfect, it is actually far from what I would say. In the worst moment of her life, she begins to drink, she does not handle stress, she is not a perfect mother or wife. Sometimes she loses control over her children or herself … and none of that matters because I’ve never seen a woman stronger than her. He forgets everything when men abuse women. Unlike the “feminists” of our world, she fights for equal rights. I repeat-same. He doesn’t want to show that women rule the world and he never mentions things like “women give birth” or “men are useless.” No, because it wouldn’t be a best seller if she wasn’t fighting for equality.

What makes the books even more interesting is that you get a glimpse of how ridiculously rich women live. Some parts are very interesting, like when he says that he buys 3-4 identical dresses so that he can have one in each house he has. So she fights for women’s rights and does not carry luggage. (I’m just making a point).

In the second book, “The Daughters of the Princess Sultana”, is where it becomes more personal. She talks about the problems her children had, mainly about mental problems with the older one. Throughout each of his books, he talks about the Muslim religion. I did some research on the web and as I scrolled up and down the comments for one of the book reviews, I noticed one that caught my eye. An anonymous person said that he changed his religion to Muslim after reading the book. So if this book is literally life changing, why shouldn’t you read it?

For me the third book “The Circle of the Princess Sultana” is the end of the whole story, because the end made me cry. Sultana and many of her sisters come together and promise each other that they will fight for their sisters (they consider all the women of Saudi Arabia as their sister) and are the circle of the legendary Princess Sultana.

Like I said, for me the third book is a complete story. It was not necessary to add the fourth part. “More tears to cry” looks like a report on the current situation. And as always, Jean Sasson did a great job writing it, and Sultana, remained a wise woman who will have many, many stories to tell.

This is the best in Al Saud. And if you ever think that you are unlucky, that you are not important or that you are not equal, remember Sultana.

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