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Indian Bracelets For Every Occasion

Indian Bracelets

Indian bracelets are a beautiful way to add a bit of style and glamour to your look. From the bold to the delicate, there’s a bracelet for every occasion. Bangles are an important part of Indian culture for women and are used to symbolize wealth, status, love, luck, and more. They are worn with traditional sarees and adorned with other jewels like necklaces, tikkas, and earrings. Traditionally, bangles are made from metals such as copper, silver, gold, and iron. They are usually circular in shape and can be stacked together with other bangles or with a necklace for a more elaborate look.

Indian bangles are one of the oldest forms of jewelry and can be seen in archaeological digs such as the Mohenjo-Daro excavation. They are a common sight in the hands of Indian brides on their wedding day as well as during other special occasions. Some bangles are even said to have protective powers.

Gold is the most preferred material for bangles by Indians as it represents prosperity and happiness. In addition to gold, bangles can be made from different precious metals such as platinum and sterling silver. They can also be crafted from glass, plastic, and wood. The Indian kada, or golden bangle, is the most popular type of bangle. The gold bangle is a traditional wedding accessory for Indian women and is considered to be a symbol of fertility and luck.

Indian Bracelets For Every Occasion

There are also many types of bangles that can be found in the Indian market, including the popular glass bangles that come in various colors. There are also bangles that are designed with intricate patterns and engravings. Some of these bangles are even painted with enamel. Some have a religious theme, while others are embellished with images of peacocks, elephant trunks, and more.

When shopping for a bangle, it’s important to know your bangle size beforehand. This will help you avoid getting a bangle that’s too big or small. Also, be sure to choose a design that goes well with your outfit and is comfortable on your wrist.

Kundan bangles are another popular choice for Indian women. These bangles feature premium CZ stones and are studded with freshwater pearls for extra elegance. They can be paired with other jewelry pieces to complete your bridal look or worn on their own for a casual or party look.

Whether you’re looking for 22-karat gold or silver, Hoel’s Indian Shop has the perfect bracelet for you! Our Native American bangles are handmade by skilled jewelry artists from Arizona and New Mexico. We carry an array of beautiful Southwest bracelets featuring stunning turquoise from mines like Sleeping Beauty, Lone Mountain, and Bisbee. We also carry beautiful spiny oyster shell, coral, lapis lazuli, sugilite, and mother of pearl shell. These high-quality Native indian bracelets are pieces of wearable art that will complement your unique style and be treasured for years to come.


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