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How to Wear the Tutto Per salute Maschile Uniform

How to Wear the Tutto Per salute Maschile Uniform:

Tutto per salute is the traditional dress code for the army in Argentina. The color of the uniform is white with blue stripes. Usually, the officers wear on white hats and the ranks are distinguished by a gold band around the collar. This is one of the oldest regiments in the Army that still adheres to its original ways despite the changes in technology and personnel structure. The officers are called Tutorillas and they wear a peaked black cap with a white sash and a saber to accompany their uniform.


In the case of minor injuries or accidents, the military doctors will be attended by members of the Nuevo Latino regiment. The Tutorillas have the responsibility of treating the wounded soldiers, transporting them to the military hospital and also providing medical attention at the roadside. They ensure that wounded soldiers are dressed properly and that medical assistance is readily available.

Tutto Per salute Maschile

The tradition of wearing the color of the uniform was started by General Perceptor Jose Ramirez de Quevedo. It gradually became a part of the modern tradition of wearing the color of the uniform as a sign of respect and as a form of assurance to those under his command. It has now become a part of the Argentinean identity and is recognized in schools, workplaces and in sporting events.

In the years that lie ahead, the design and style of the tutto per salute uniform will most likely be different. Presently, it consists of a white top with black pants and black shoes. The color of the pants and shoes is usually determined by the season. For instance, for the summer it is usually either tan or green while for winter it is dark blue or black. However, the design of the uniform remains the same and it includes the collar, buttons, cuffs, etc.

How to Wear the Tutto Per salute Maschile Uniform

Every armed forces member must have a uniform designed according to the requirements of the branch he is serving in. Army and navy members are required to wear a different type of uniforms than the air force members. Air force members are not allowed to wear white shirts or trousers. There are several factors that determine the design and style of the tutu uniforms. Some of these are:

Tutus are considered as an exceptional accessory that can offer the perfect compliment to any attire. This includes both men’s and women’s uniforms. The design of the uniform and the color of the tie play an important role in determining the overall effect of the ensemble. These ties and other accessories are available in many online stores at affordable prices.


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