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BMW Car Seats Can Be Retrofitted Or Upgraded in Older Models

Retrofitted Or Upgraded in Older Models

While BMWs are known for their sporty performance and luxury styling, they’re not usually the car of choice for young children. Luckily, the brand has been working to change that, with an intriguing new program. The company is allowing BMW owners to pay for features that help them transport their kids on road trips or to school. It’s the latest in a long line of automotive feature subscriptions, with automakers charging customers monthly fees to access software-based functions they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

BMW has already offered a few of these services by subscription in North America, including remote start functionality and the Drive Recorder app, which can be used to make video recordings like a dashboard camera. It’s an interesting way to charge for some features, which can save the maker money on hardware costs. The carmakers’ reasoning is that they can sell the feature to customers for a shorter period of time or for the life of the vehicle, rather than having to invest in all of the components and then having them sit idle.

Adding a child seat can be difficult in some cars, but BMW makes it easier by offering an adapter that plugs into the vehicle’s seat controls. It provides power and ground to the seat, so it can be operated manually or by the Buy BMW car seats. The adapter also works with BMW’s ConnectedDrive system, allowing drivers to use the child seat’s sensors to activate some of the car’s key features.

BMW Car Seats Can Be Retrofitted Or Upgraded in Older Models

If you’re considering buying a BMW for your family, it’s important to check the model’s specifications and available options carefully. Some models don’t have enough space to accommodate a third-row seat, while others have only a two-row back seat. Also, be sure to take into account the model’s cargo capacity, as some have more room than others.

One of the most popular models for families is the 2023 BMW X1, which has easy-to-access Latch anchors and three top tether points in the back seat. We’ve tested several car seats in the X1, including an infant seat, a forward-facing convertible, and a booster. Each fitted nicely with little drama.

To ensure that the safety belt fits snugly, you should remove any jackets or coats in the front seat before buckling up your kiddo. The belt must fit so that only a flat hand can slide between the buckle and your kid’s body, not their clothing.

Car seats in general can get a bit dirty, especially in the nooks and crannies of the front seats. Fortunately, you can clean them fairly easily with a few simple steps. Vacuum the seats to remove all particles, then spray leather cleaner on a microfiber towel and wipe them down thoroughly. Then, leave them to dry completely before using them again. If you want to keep your BMW’s seats looking nice and protecting the value of your car, this is a great step to add to your routine.


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