Siamese – a charming, demanding and protective pet

When you say Siamese cat, most people think of short-haired seal points, which have a slender creamy-white body, blackish-brown ears, nose, and tail. But, there are several variations of the breed, as well as crosses like the Himalayans, which are a cross between Siamese and Persian. The blue dot has a bluish-white body with slate-blue dots. The chocolate point has more mocha colored points and the flame point has apricot ears, nose and tail. The body of a purebred Siamese is elegant and features a triangular head, large ears, and pointed features. Siamese are one of the oldest and best known breeds. They got their name when they were exported from Thailand in the late 19th century. At that time, Thailand was Siam.

My relationship with the Siamese began when I was one year old. My mother had me outside in a playground. She was at the house when some remote guy dropped by. Seeing me for the first time, she ran toward my playpen with her arms outstretched, only to be viciously grabbed by Josie, our Siamese from Seal Point, and shielded me from under the playpen. Today I share my house with several cats. Lucky, is a flame point siamese mix that I rescued from a high traffic area. He practically ignores the other cats and follows me everywhere. If I try to stop him from walking into a room where I’m working, he stands on his hind legs, bangs on the door and howls. It will keep this for more than 30 minutes. Every night since I first found him, he sleeps next to my head or stands guard like a sentinel. If someone raises their voice to me, Lucky will turn around in front of me, raise his back, and start “meowing” (loud angry meows) at the person. A cat has bitten me twice. Both times, I was unsticking Lucky from a dog that had gotten too close to me. Fearless, Lucky launched an attack. Since he can’t see well, he didn’t know he had grabbed it. Although Lucky is a mongrel cat, his personality is similar to that of a thoroughbred.

Siamese have personalities that are quite unique. They want to be your best friend and will walk through fire to be close to their guardian. They do not tolerate being alone well. They like to be close to their guardian all the time, they are intelligent and like to play fetch, they can open doors and cupboards that hint at other cats, they love to lay on their lap and hang out near the tub when taking a bath. Siamese are extremely loyal, affectionate and intelligent. They can be trained to travel well, they can be fearless, and they have a long lifespan of 18-20 years. They generally don’t like dogs.

If you’re thinking of getting a Siamese, you may want to read up on them and see if you can volunteer at a breed rescue site. Plan to keep your Siamese as an indoor pet, as most are cross-eyed and do not see well. If you adopt or buy a Siamese, expect a cat that is demanding of attention, highly vocal and intelligent. If you want a cat, because you think a cat is low maintenance, you may not want a Siamese. Some people take their Siamese to a pet shelter because they can’t tolerate their demanding nature or vocal qualities. However, if you’re the kind of person who would love a true companion, but can’t or don’t want a dog, a Siamese may be an ideal match. In addition to his crazy antics and affectionate nature, you might be pleasantly surprised by his constant loyalty and protective qualities.

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