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Renting an apartment in Edinburgh, knowing the law helps a lot

“Property protection

Before moving in, the landlord should provide a Edinburgh student accommodation inventory, which is called Inventory in English, which includes all the items and equipment inside and outside the house. If it is not provided, the tenant must check whether the equipment in the student accommodation Edinburgh is complete and whether it is working properly. It is recommended to take photos before check-in, and there must be a date to prove that the photos were taken before check-in, so as to be used as evidence when disputes arise in the future. When you move out, be sure to clean and tidy. If it is not cleaned properly, the landlord will most likely refuse to refund some or all of the deposit. It is recommended to go to a professional cleaning company for a Move-outclean, including carpet cleaning. This fee is usually lower than being fined by the landlord, and the cleaning is relatively clean and up to standard.

Tenancy Agreement (rental contract)

When signing a contract with the landlord, be sure to read every clause clearly, because once the signed contract is concluded, it will be legally effective, even if there are some unreasonable clauses in the contract. For example, some housing agencies have complicated and lengthy contract clauses, and some fees are hidden in some inconspicuous places, which leads to unnecessary losses. In addition, when signing a contract, pay attention to see if there is a break clause (break clause), so that the contract can be terminated in the future. It is recommended that you carefully read and negotiate unreasonable terms with the landlord before signing the contract. And keep the contract and all written communication records with the landlord after signing the contract.”

Considering the size and layout of the accommodation is another important factor. Students should assess their personal preferences and living requirements to determine the appropriate space for their needs. Some students may prefer a private studio or en-suite room for added privacy, while others may enjoy the social atmosphere of shared apartments or dormitories. It is essential to evaluate the available space, storage options, and the overall layout to ensure that it meets the specific needs and preferences of the individual student.

Edinburgh, the historic capital of Scotland, not only captivates visitors with its rich cultural heritage and picturesque landscapes but also attracts students from around the world to pursue their educational aspirations. Finding suitable accommodation is crucial for students embarking on their academic journey in this vibrant city.

Student apartments in Edinburgh offer a convenient and comfortable living environment that caters specifically to the needs of students. In this article, we will explore the advantages, amenities, community aspects, and overall student experience associated with student apartments in Edinburgh, highlighting why they are an excellent choice for those seeking a home away from home during their studies.


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