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Is artificial intelligence a threat to human intelligence?

With the creativity and intelligence of technological superfields, Artificial Intelligence has been introduced in recent years. He has no doubt that it helped us humans, and there are so many examples of it, including Siri, smart cars, video games, Google Now, etc. that we use in our daily lives. Considering the rapid growth of AI and humans’ reliance on it, some people believe that microchips running algorithms will surpass human intelligence in the near future. However, some people still have hope in human intelligence. As they believe that HI is much more unique and better than robots, which are HI’s creation.

The transhumanist vision of the future includes the replacement of HI with the improved and accurate results of AI. However, they forget the fact that humans have created AI and we will continue to make new innovations every day. Not only can we create new microchips, computing devices for the future, but we grow and create new ideas every day. Science cannot answer several questions related to humans, such as where creativity comes from and how life is created.

According to science, there are certain rules by which the universe works, and HI has proven its genius by creating innovative models for various industries today. Algorithms that come from the human brain are much more innovative than AI. Computers are undoubtedly a powerful human creation, but they run on the programs created by humans. We can tame AI and use it for our convenience, but it will never replace us. The good parts of AI are amazing, major business giants around the world are creating amazing AI based applications. These are undoubtedly miracles and we can continue to use them for our future, but these are made by people for people.

Machines are intelligent, they take less time to learn and finish a task, and their work capacity is much higher than that of humans, and if AI takes over human jobs, there will be chaos. Also, if the machine gets out of control or goes against the orders of its creator or if it is run by hooligans, we can suffer a lot of losses. But the good news is that technology is developing at a fast pace and humans get bored with old gadgets and appliances and we replace them. Just like we change our old smartphones for new ones frequently. So with the growth of technology the demands on humans will increase and with HI we will create AI and use it until a new version comes out. The lack of intuitions, creativity, common sense and judgment makes AI different from HI and we can show our thoughts and intelligence by communicating, giving reasoning that currently AI cannot.


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