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Benefits of Spenco Support Products

Many people experience a lot of discomfort as a result of conditions such as flat feet or arch problems. This should no longer be a problem, as they can now benefit from the many products available from Spenco Medical Corporation, a company recommended by many podiatrists and holding the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance. These support products come with many advantages that can surely transform the lives of people all over the world.

These products are made from high quality materials that are not heavy to ensure no extra weight is added to the shoes. One of the products, the Spenco Total Support, is designed with a thicker, firmer yet lighter foam to prevent further discomfort from being overweight. This material also provides additional cushioning that not only offers shock absorption but also reduces overpronation of the feet. They also offer advanced arch support to prevent excessive supination, one of the main causes of foot ailments.

The material is also heat moldable, which means the patient can have their Spenco arch supports adjusted to their needs to make them more comfortable. They come with detailed instructions on the packaging that will guide the user through the molding process. It is a simple process that requires placing the support in the oven and then placing it inside the shoe, shaping the height of the arch.

The products feature a plastic arch support that gives them shape and support. They are semi-rigid and come with a rounded heel cup to ensure the heel is stabilized, which means side-to-side rolling as well as heel flexing is greatly reduced and pronation control is effective.

These arch support products are made of long lasting material. The Spenco Total brace is made from a closed cell nitrogen injected material, while the Spenco Orthotic Arch braces are made from neoprene material which makes it more durable and easier to adjust, meaning the patient won’t have to worry about buy them frequently. They also prolong the life of the shoe for both men and women.

The other advantage of these Products is that they are easily available in various stores both on land and online. They are available in various colors and shapes. All members of the family can get the right ones for their foot conditions at an affordable cost. They are also those that are specially designed for athletes who are engaged in various sports such as walking and running. The company has also made insoles that fit both dress shoes and tight shoes and are typically smaller and thinner, but with the same benefits as arch supports.


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