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The founding of the United States coincided with the formation of many new denominations and cults led by the same people. I will present an argument from a fundamentalist type of site that seems to equate Luciferianism with Satanism. This is a common mistake. Heliopolitanism or a science of the Harmonic of Light is what the Druids studied and the Freemasons derive from this sun (its light and the Venus Transit which tells us a lot about the sun) worship which also allows people to think about him in terms of being the ‘son’ of God. In fact, we are all part of God, as John 10:34 indicates. I present this excerpt from Fritz Springmeyer’s work for my readers to see more of what I cover in many books as I demonstrate how the elite have used every possible tool of social engineering to establish their form of government. This is not to say that I am averse to a world government. I just want you to be honest.

“Freemasonry then teaches people about the symbology of the mystery religions. Lodges bring in slave monarchs for some of their Egyptian sex magic rituals. If the reader woke up in the morning and his mother, sister and brother were in the kitchen and said that your mother had just drunk a cup of coffee, you could tell by their faces if they were telling the truth, and you would know that your mother had drunk a cup of coffee.

We know that these witnesses know the truth and we know that they are not making it up. But if people don’t believe that, then they need to find their own witnesses and risk their own skins by making the contact. The material we present here is not frivolous work. As pearls of value, we hope this research is not taken and allowed to become pearls given to pigs. Because Billy Graham is a key person for the Illuminati and the satanic plan to bring in the Antichrist and the one world religion, key parts of Graham’s life have been intentionally hidden. When he joined the Masonic lodge c. 1948, intentionally kept their membership more secret than others. Because?

They are secret about their membership in general, but even more so if the person is a key Illuminatus and a big key to their religious control. That is why they have kept the membership of Charles T. Russell, founder of the Watchtower Society, a secret. That’s why they keep the Mormon prophets’ membership a secret. It has been a constant pattern of the Masonic Lodge to keep the membership of these key people secret. It would be much easier if we had a membership certificate, but for people who don’t want to believe, no evidence would suffice.

In terms of a paper trail, we have the following: Billy Graham’s books consistently refer to basically only the Freemasons. Billy Graham endorsed the Masonic DeMolay youth program as a work of God. This endorsement of Billy Graham is found in a Masonic book used to educate people about “the trade” (i.e. Freemasonry). that book is The clergy and the office and it says that the people who are quoted in it are Freemasons. (See Haggard, Forrest D. Transactions Missouri Lodge of Research, Vol. No. 27, The Clergy and the Craft, p. 127, where Graham endorses the Masonic youth program.)

In terms of witnesses who have put in writing what they have witnessed, we have the following: Jim Shaw, former 33rd Freemason, the highest ranking Freemason to defect to Christianity, writes about Billy Graham at his 33rd initiation ceremony. Huntington House refused to print his book co-authored with Tom McKenney unless they removed Billy Graham’s name from p. 104, and replaced it with a general description. (See the deadly deception, p. 104-105.) Only Freemasons may attend these initiations. (See The New Age, the official organ of the 33rd Supreme Council. Washington, DC, October 1961, p. 30.) Some Christians have tried everything possible to elude Jim Shaw’s testimony. And the Masonic Lodge now claims that he was not a 33rd Freemason. There is no doubt that he was in 33rd Mason.


That should say a lot to anyone who understands the power structure of the Illuminati pyramid and the most powerful Merovingian bloodline in the royal family.

What we are seeing is how important it is for the Illuminati to keep Billy Graham’s membership a secret. Originally, Dr. Morey, who wrote a book on Freemasonry, told me over the phone that Billy Graham was a 33rd Freemason and had had his membership file in hand in the Library of the House of the Temple, which is where the Supreme Council of the 33rd has its headquarters. However, he now denies this, saying that only the librarians told him the file existed, but that he did not examine the membership file. He wrote Christian News a letter to the editor that was printed. At least his letter to the editor of the Christian News says the Scottish Rite has a file on Billy Graham.

William M. Watson–DIRECTOR OF THE BILLY GRAHAM EVANGELISTIC ASSOCIATION, is a Freemason and is also president of the Occidental Petroleum Corporation. Occidental’s president was Armand Hammer. Watson is also a member of the Baylor Masonic University development council. Baylor University has been involved in mind control (see also the Baylor University exhibit on Be Wise As Serpents). He was also a member of the advisory board of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, which had at least three Masons. on its board of directors, and probably more.

David M. McConnell–DIRECTOR OF THE BILLY GRAHAM EVANGELISTIC ASSOCIATION, is a Freemason, also was US Ambassador to the United Nations (1968-69), Illuminatus business partner Charles Gambrell, at Belk Stores in Charlotte, Carolina North.

Arthur Lee Malory–CO-CHAIRMAN of the BILLY GRAHAM CRUSADE Advisory Committee for the 1973 St. Louis Crusade — 32nd Freemason, deacon at So. Baptism. Church.

Who are some of the senior ministers who have worked with 33rd Freemason Billy Graham over the years? Billy Graham has helped establish another 33° Masons in the ministry. Billy Graham has put his stamp of approval on almost every known apostate Christian. When Billy Graham had a crusade in Japan, the Japanese minister he had on the platform was a well-known extremely liberal Christian. A conservative Japanese was surprised. Billy Graham also endorses many of the books and ministries of these apostates. Some of the top three ministers in the Protestant world, Robert Schuller, Norman Vincent Peale and Oral Roberts, are all 33rd Masonic brothers of Freemason Billy Graham. (See Roberts, Oral. Miracle of Seed Faith, p.9.) Billy Graham has helped each of these brothers with his own ministries. Robert Schuller taught the principles of church growth at Unity School in Kansas City. A Christian, who used to be on staff there, said that Robert Schuller was fully aware that Luciferian initiations were taking place at the school and that he did not care. Robert Schuller, 33rd Freemason, was aided in the ministry by Billy Graham. Schuller also participates in the Monarch program and is also sexually serviced by Monarch slaves.

Norman Vincent Peale’s form of Christianity called positive thinking is really just white witchcraft under different names. Peale is simply a “Christian” witch. Norman Vincent Peale, 33rd Freemason, his church receives most of the people who showed up at the New York Crusade. Norman Vincent Peale is a 6th Illuminatus (Pilgrims Society) and a 33rd Freemason. In San Francisco’s Psychic Magazine, Peale says of occultist Kreskin: All he’s doing is dramatizing what I’ve been preaching in my writing for years. Norman Vincent Peale controls approx. $200 million Presbyterian Minister’s Fund. He celebrated the 25th anniversary of the United Nations. He was the keynote speaker at the birthday of the late Mormon prophet Spencer W. Kimball (a secret Freemason).

Peale praised Kimball as a true prophet of God and a great man of God. Peale practices witchcraft and gives it to unsuspecting Christians under a different terminology. The false unity movement that is so strong today wants to unite devout Christians with people like Norman Vincent Peale. Peale is a good friend of Billy Graham, and Billy Graham referred the largest number of new converts from the NY Billy Graham Crusade to Peale’s church. Oral Roberts, 33rd Freemason, aided in ministry by his Masonic brother Billy Graham. Oral Roberts has been seen by witnesses involved in SRA and Mind-control. Oral Roberts University and the charismatic movement is another important religious front. The charismatic movement has been infiltrated by multiples since day one. The history of infiltration is extensive. Oral Roberts had Cherokee blood. According to some things Oral Roberts has said, some Christians think that he received his healing powers from an old Indian who healed him through Indian shamanism when Oral was young.

Oral sometimes uses the same methods that spirit mediums use to heal. According to the slaves that have been deprogrammed, they were in satanic rituals with Oral Roberts. Christian ministers who have been involved in his ministry say they have seen a massive scam in his healing ministry. His university is being used as a programming center. His basketball team at one point had Monarch slaves playing on it. We don’t know if they still do. Below the prayer tower is one of the programming sites. Billy Graham, himself a manager, helped launch Oral Roberts University and is a friend of Oral Roberts. From the point of view of the Illuminati, Tulsa is the Guardian City of Apollo. The City of Faith will be the healing center for Aesculapius, a demon related to Apollo. {Asklepios is a contributor to the Corpus Hermeticum and author of a sermon on light or heliopolitanism.} While presenting themselves as Christians, infiltrators within the charismatic movement perform satanic rituals to gain demonic healing powers. Tulsa is one of the main centers of the campaign to infiltrate Christianity through the Charismatic/Pentecostal movement with multiples scheduled.

G. Bromley Oxnam, 33rd Freemason, was leader of FCC churches, supportive friend of Billy Graham, G. Bromley Oxnam has a long history of working for the elite, interested readers can read his story on Be Wise As Serpents in the chapter that goes into detail about how the Christian churches were organized by the FCC and the WCC for the Illuminati.

The New World Order is infiltrating the churches through the Earth Stewardship Movement. An attempt was made in Rio de Janeiro to obtain an Earth Charter, but there was not enough time, there were many NOG delegates and generally too many people to coordinate (4000 attended). Another Earth Summit was promised, but instead they decided in late September/October 1995 to have a State of the World Forum to be held by/sponsored by the Gorbachev Foundation in Presidio, CA. Former KGB chief Gorbachev is now based at the Presideo, a major mind control programming site. Christian basher Ted Turner was the president of the conference. The cost was $5,000 per person and the invitations were sent only to selected people. There were 100 handpicked politicians who received invitations, along with Billy Graham and Mother Teresa. This was coordinated with the 50th anniversary of the UN that was being celebrated around the world.” (8)


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