Whirlpool Iceberg 310 Elite

Haven’t you already started to feel cold? I mean, if a refrigerator is called an ‘Iceberg’, then of course you can imagine what it specializes in! Yes, it specializes in keeping you ultra cool at the touch of a button. The Whirlpool Iceberg 310 Elite is a premium side-by-side refrigerator that boasts great freezing and chilling features and also plenty of manageable space to handle everything you care about delivering.

key features

Capacity: The total capacity is a decent 310 liters, of which 75 liters is the capacity of the freezer. The refrigerator space is filled with adjustable shelves that not only accommodate a larger number of things, but also hold them neatly. With its capacity and features, it is sure to handle a large family.

Electronic User Interface – Picture this, you’ve put your space ice cream to set up in the freezer and you don’t want to even open it for one. Do you now realize that you have not changed the temperature to the minimum? Open the door and disturb the ice cream? Well, no. With the new Whirlpool Iceberg 310 Elite all you need to do is stand in front of the refrigerator and change the freezer temperature on the temperature panel on the door! That’s what technology is all about, you see!

Sixth Sense Tower Cooling System: A smart refrigerator, this one would watch the outside temperature changes in the weather and change its own inside temperature accordingly. Additionally, twin cooling towers ensure a smooth and balanced flow of cool air to enhance uniform cooling throughout.

Faster Chilling and Refrigeration – Here’s a cooler that is unmatched in terms of faster bottle cooling and faster ice production. The Whirlpool Iceberg makes ice exactly 30% faster and chills bottles exactly 33% faster than any other refrigerator of similar capacity. It blows away all the competition when it comes to cooling, hence the name ‘Iceberg’.

CLEAN AND FRESH ACCESSORY KIT: Tired of poly bags looking messy on your fridge? Throw them out right now, we say! The unique Neat and Fresh Accessory Kit is designed in such a way that it will keep your vegetable accessories in a more neat and attractive way. Also faster to order and pick up!

User-friendly features

Auto Cool System – The refrigerator is equipped with a unique auto cool feature that automatically sets it to an auto cool mode as needed.

Deodorizer – This feature removes all odor from your refrigerator keeping things stored in your refrigerator fresh and smelling great for a long time.

Magic Light: Are you worried about insufficient light in your refrigerator? The Magic Lights on your Iceberg will give you a proper and clearer view into the fridge with a beautiful glow to please your eyes.

Door Lock & Beautiful Finishes: The Iceberg comes in a range of exciting finishes and is also equipped with a door lock to prevent your rambunctious kids from getting their hands on overdosing on that hidden treat in your fridge!


The refrigerator is equipped with a total of 12 adjustable shelves and boxes, providing you with ample space to store and organize your things in a more convenient way. The refrigerator has divisions like the egg tray, chocolate tray, fruit box, covered vegetable box, and dividers into bottles and shallow containers that prevent things from falling out and also give you more organized storage.


Although the Whirlpool Iceberg 310 L Elite emerges as a clear winner when it comes to faster bottle cooling and ice making and also provides you with very good storage solutions, it lacks some features such as open door alarm, flexible cooling, control of moisture, Magi Fresh and Freshonizer Technologies, etc. However, it is also in the middle price range and therefore justifies its cost. However, at the end of the day, it is up to you to decide what your priorities are when choosing a refrigerator and select the one that suits you best. In short, it is a good choice.

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