When does a corporate video add value?

A professional corporate video production can greatly enhance your company profile and can be used in a variety of applications. Here are some of the most common uses for corporate videos.

Production of promotional videos

A promotional video is a fast-moving, dynamic commercial, often with musical accompaniment, and can be used to promote any of the services or products your business has to offer.

Promotional videos are used for a variety of purposes. They can be used to engage the audience in the introduction to a multimedia sales presentation, conference or training seminar and are also very often used in a circular fashion on exhibition stands and in company reception areas. These promotional videos can also be incorporated on CD ROM and DVD as an introductory piece.

Promotional videos can be very effective and powerful in communicating your company’s strengths in a dynamic and exciting way. The same video promotion can also be used for a variety of applications, thus reducing filming expenses.

Executive Broadcast Video Production

One of the biggest problems faced by directors of large multinational companies or plcs is trying to communicate on a personal level with their vast and geographically diverse audiences. Corporate executive broadcast videos allow the senior member or members of a company to spend a couple of hours of their time being interviewed and addressing any important questions or issues that may have come to light. By using a corporate video, you save the enormous cost and time of traveling from one location to another to attend conferences to achieve the same result.

An executive broadcast can be used for a multitude of corporate and training video applications, from welcoming new employees to a company, to communicating new management strategies, or simply sharing your vision of the future of business with your staff. Corporate video production can provide the ideal medium for explaining your business core values ​​to clients, and it may even be the perfect medium for communicating price-sensitive announcements to city institutions and the press, etc. There are many other uses for executive broadcasts and video production companies will work with your business to create executive broadcasts as they are tailored to your business.

Production of customer testimonial videos

Customer testimonial videos are recorded interviews in which a customer is asked to express his feelings about a company’s product or service. Customer testimonial video production is becoming increasingly essential in today’s business climate. Customers often like to hear the opinions of their fellow consumers, and corporate customer testimonial videos can be the ideal way to communicate this information.

Corporate customer testimonial video can be in the form of short clips from customers describing their reaction to a product or company, or perhaps longer interviews from customers dealing with specific or deeper points of view.

Customer testimonial video production can be used for a variety of purposes, from being part of a video promotion, as an endorsement at exhibition stands, as part of a general sales presentation, or even to be used on a business card. electronic presentation, and then delivered at events, exhibitions, meetings, etc. Customer testimonial videos can even be useful when evaluating the business itself, as they can be used to create customer video case studies and thus evaluate the product from the customer side.

Video production for conferences and exhibitions

The production of conference and exhibition videos can take the form of your own full programs, or simply as short clips to be incorporated into other longer corporate videos that report on conferences or exhibitions that companies have held.

When a company has a large event or exhibition, it is not always possible to have all the people who need to attend, but with so many topics being discussed and products displayed, with videos of conferences and exhibitions, these events can reach a much larger audience. wide. The relaxed atmosphere in these types of events allows a much more relaxed attitude among the people interviewed, and it is easier to obtain an honest opinion, something that can never be underestimated in any business.

Once filmed, conference and exhibition videos can be placed on DVD for video presentations or distributed on CD-ROM, via the Internet or your company intranet.

Once an event has been filmed, it can be applied to a variety of applications, from the obvious use of providing an event record for everyone who was unable to attend, to taking simple interview snippets to incorporate into sales and marketing presentations. . . Corporate conference and exhibition videos also provide a great opportunity to capture guest speaker presentations that people who were unable to attend the event would miss. Good corporate video production will reflect the atmosphere of the event and can be a great way to encourage staff and / or clients to attend these events in the future.

Video production for tourism

The video medium is unmatched in promoting the entire tourism experience to potential visitors, with video production being an ideal way to market the amenities, attractions and individuality of a city or tourist destination on an individual, local or individual level. even international.

In the form of a CD ROM or DVD, the possibilities for producing videos for tourism are immense. A video will allow viewers to interactively explore a specified destination, take a virtual tour of a hotel, or enjoy a guided city tour with a well-known presenter.

Most reputable video production companies will offer to create a tourism video, DVD or CD ROM as part of a larger marketing package, creating eye-catching packaging and inserts to complement the promotional program.

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