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Trade Show Tactics for a Compelling Exhibit Booth

Attract those customers like bees to honey! Trade Show Tactics for a Convincing Display

Participating in a trade show is not just about marking your place in the industry or interacting with other companies and professionals in the field. While these goals certainly count, the true purpose of setting up exhibition stands should be to attract a large crowd and convert them into tangible sales and long-term customers.

If participating in a trade show doesn’t result in direct sales and profit, what’s the point of all the effort, time and money you spent putting together your trade show booth?

What we have for you here is an interesting list of techniques and tricks used by industry experts to convert mildly interested crowds into strong buyers, customers, and testimonials. The secret is to use your exhibition stand to your advantage and make the most of the opportunities available.

When hiring an exhibition stand design company, you want to make sure you are working with someone who shares your vision and can bring your ideas to life. You don’t want to spend good money on run-of-the-mill displays and stands that you could have bought anywhere. In the same way that your company has its own unique identity, each representation of your company must be equally compelling and distinctive.

If you take away just one piece of advice from this entire article, it should be this: Hire reputable exhibit booth designers to build a unique and engaging display for your booth. Nothing screams “unprofessional!” It’s like having a show booth that looks just like all the rest! He’s lazy, he’s amateurish, and he sends a really negative message about your company!

Now, if you’ve hired the right exhibit booth company, your booth will look good, but here are a few more things you can do to make it really popular.

For starters, you need to optimize your fabulous screen by using the space around it to your advantage. When you have an eye-catching display stand, half the battle is already won, but don’t stop there: decorate the space around the stand too! Using banners high up in the booth and on the “walls” or edges of the booth can really help make it stand out! Colorful banners with your company name, crucial details, and interesting and fun messages will attract people from all ends of the exhibition hall. They ensure increased visibility and increased exposure, which is all you really want at a trade show!

Never underestimate the power of giveaways at a trade show. To maximize crowd attention, place a table or small booth on top of your display stand and set out a large, clear bowl filled with treats. Add a banner or poster to your booth that advertises freebies for passersby. People are easily drawn to giveaways and you can make them even more attractive by using the same color scheme and design theme as the rest of your booth. Be sure to clearly add your company name and logo to these giveaways—it’ll etch your brand in the customer’s mind long after they leave the exhibit.

Remember, many of your competitors will also be present at an industry event. You don’t want to be ignored or, worse yet, mistaken for one of your rivals. Hire an exhibition stand builder who not only excels in unique design, but can also guarantee a sophisticated final product. A truly effective way to make a good impression is to balance creativity with class, and only an established exhibit designer will know how to do it!


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