The 5 best snacks for skiing

Skiing is well regarded as one of the most challenging and demanding sports out there. When testing a person’s endurance and ability to withstand different body temperatures, it is very important to consider which snacks to take with you on the slopes. While most of the tracks have cafes to buy food from on the go, packing some energy-boosting snacks to keep you going throughout the session will keep morale high so you and your family can keep carving.

Here are some examples of high-energy foods suitable for both you and the kids during your time in the snow.


While bananas are considered to be the high-potency, high-energy fruit, they tend to get damaged during transportation. To avoid offering kids a squashed snack that leaves a lot to be desired, opt for a tasty apple. They are high in fiber and nutrients and you can even cut them up for easy eating when you’re on the slopes. The browning that may occur won’t do you any harm, but if kids are particular about their fruit, you can try soaking them in lemon juice to prevent this from happening.

Granola bars

While there isn’t a lot of moisture in granola bars, they provide a great energy hit and are popular with all ages. Nature Valley produces a good variety of flavors so everyone can have their favorite flavor as a useful snack when on the go. The main point in favor of granola bars is that they are small, so they are easy to pack in a day bag for skiing and eating on the go. If your kids aren’t big fans, you can go for flapjacks, which are also high in fiber.


It’s not the healthiest snack, but considering the number of calories you burn when skiing (around 400 per hour), chocolate is the flavorful and energetic snack that is popular with just about everyone. Dark chocolate contains more antioxidants for the more health conscious among you, and its sugar content, while not available for long, can provide a quick boost in a long day.


Nuts are packed with energy, making them a great option on the slopes. With the many varieties to choose from, there is sure to be a favorite for every member of the family. Although they can be difficult to eat while on the go, keeping them in a small container or bag can make them the perfect snack.

Dried fruit

The sugar content in nuts makes them a great option for an extra boost of energy, and their carbohydrate content makes them particularly good for skiing. Nuts are also small and lightweight to transport, so you can pack plenty for everyone.

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