Ten tips for your first weekend track race

I know this is your first time going to a weekend racing event. And I imagine you want some tips for it. Now I would like to give you some instructions on how to successfully debut on the track.

1. Perhaps the most important thing to do before hitting the track is to check your car’s brakes and change the brake fluid. Generally, the brake fluid that comes from the factory is not suitable for driving on the track. Although it is not mandatory to change the liquid to a high temperature one, I recommend that you do so. Replacing your old brake fluid with a high-performance one with a boiling point of about 600 degrees could save your life on the track in the event of an emergency. Also, make sure your brake pads have at least 50% wear remaining or you could run out of brakes on the track.

2. Check your tires to make sure they have enough tread. So you can have good traction while driving. In addition to the tread, the tire pressure is vital to prevent damage on the first day of the track. Since every car is different, you should consult your mechanic for advice on proper tire pressure. In addition, you should carry a pressure gauge to monitor your tire pressure throughout the day.

3. Wheels should be tightened to a proper fit in case a loose wheel comes off the car during high speed driving.

4. Make sure your seat belt works.

5. Choose a helmet that is right for you, either open or closed face. However, it must be one of SA Snell Certified Auto Racing.

6. Fill the tank with fuel.

7. Find a place to park your car so that you have a place to return to after each track session. If you arrive early, you may have a better parking option.

8. Wear the clothes that make you feel most comfortable in the cabin. Remember to wear lightweight shoes like sneakers. Certainly, if you have driving shoes, you just have to put them on.

9. During high speed driving, sweating can be very common. Therefore, remember to bring your drinks.

10. Pay attention to the checkered flag. When you see the checkered flag displayed, it means your session is over and you should use the remaining lap as a cool down lap, because it’s time for the brake to cool down.

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