Ten Benefits of Ballroom Dancing: How They Add Energy, Enlightenment, and Enjoyment to Your Life!

The most wonderful thing about ballroom dancing is that everyone can do it.
Ballroom dances do not discriminate based on age, gender or nationality; welcome everyone with open arms.

When done with the right attitude, ballroom dancing will add energy, enlightenment, and enjoyment to your life. It will also give you 10 perks that will further enhance your life and take you and your life to new heights.

But before giving you those 10 advantages, it is important to know that

Ballroom dancing originated in the 18th century and is becoming more popular with each passing day.

Every day, more than 100,000 people participate in ballroom dancing around the world. These dancers range in age from 3-4 years old at schools like World DanceSport Cebu to 99-year-old Tao Porchon Lynch, who danced at an event in Mumbai in 2017.

In 2014, ballroom dancing was already a 2.1 BILLION dollar a year industry. And with the popularization of shows like Dancing with the Stars, that number has skyrocketed every day.

So if you’ve ever wanted to ballroom dance (and you know you want to) but thought I can’t do it, I’d either look silly, or no one would want to dance with me. I am here to tell you that those thoughts are simply not true.

The ballroom dance community is warm and here to encourage and support you.

And if you’ve been dancing for a while, you know that a day without dancing is like a day without sun

So here are the top ten benefits you get when you go out and dance in the ballroom.

#1: Build your confidence

Most of us have heard our mothers or teachers tell us to “Sit down” or “Keep your head up”.

Learning ballroom dancing not only gives you dance skills, but also increases your confidence both on the dance floor and off it. You learn to support your dance frame by keeping your head up, back straight, arms at the correct level, and rib cage supported.

This will make you look taller and feel lighter, which will make you feel good. A simple thing like feeling good about yourself opens up a new you.

You’ll glide across the floor like you’re on top of the world and don’t want to come down. This feeling will overlap even when you are walking down the street.

Children love it when they feel taller and feel like they can fly. They are also truthful learners and have the ability to build their confidence faster than adults. They are not afraid of making mistakes and never get tired of repeating a dance step several times to get it right.

As my dance teacher often says, “My friends keep telling me to relax, but I tell them I’m relaxed, I just have good posture.”

Now that’s trust!

#2: Lead your partner

In addition to keeping their frame, the men learn to lead and also ask the ladies to dance. Men will tell you this is no easy feat (no pun intended ï Š) not only do they have to master the dance steps, listen to the beats of the music, but they also have to figure out where they need to go and lead a co-worker. who follows them. By learning to lead their dance partners, they will tell you that they learn to lead their spouses and love it, their children and their colleagues!

And, following your partner

My instructor will tell you that it is not easy to teach independent ladies to follow. I know firsthand because I am one of them. Ladies have to learn to follow their partners even if the partner is making a mistake. In the dance you learn to trust your partner and listen to your partner. Only in dance you don’t just use your ears to listen, you listen with your whole body. If you don’t trust and listen to your partner for guidance, you may miss a step. If this happens, you will find yourself falling to the ground and taking your partner with you.

#3: Improves Physical and Mental Health

Social dancing provides the body with many health benefits and ballroom dancing is no different. Dancing is removing your body and this reduces stress, increases energy, helps tone muscles and increases mobility and flexibility.

Dancing requires precision to execute dance figures and dance steps in motion; this helps your mind and muscle in coordination and balance.
Paying attention to your partner’s body language teaches you to stay focused and pay attention to building details and increasing brain power.

#4: Expand music listening

We all grow up listening to music and we can all say that I love that music. In dance you learn a different kind of “listening to music” and I call it the “Listening to Music Class”.
When the Music begins, these are some of the questions that a Ballroom dancer must answer:
1. What dance is that?
2. What is the dance rhythm?
3. What is the tempo?
4. What is the time?
5. What is the rhythm?
For each dance, these questions will have an answer unique to that dance and your dance level.

#5 Invite Forforce Competition and Showcases

Most dance studios encourage their students to perform and compete. Give your students the motivation to improve their dance and take it to another level. For some of the students their goal is to compete and there are active competitive circuits from beginner to professional level. Other students can perform on topics they like or their favorite dances. In both cases the dances are choreographed following the guidelines of ballroom dances.

By constantly wanting to improve your dance, a certain mentality is installed in your life that you always want to do your best!

#6: Your friends and family will be interested and impressed

Admit it, most people love being the center of attention and that’s a good thing.

People are surprised, interested and impressed when you tell them that you are going to class to learn to dance, especially when you are already an adult or a grandmother like me. But just when, until you invite them to one of your performances and they see you slide across the floor! They will ask “How do you do that? How do you know when to turn?” “I didn’t know you could do lifts like dancing with the stars”

These questions are priceless for an amateur dancer or a social dancer. You will love it!

#7: Provide a sense of accomplishment

Prepare to laugh at your mistakes and learn from them. Learning to ballroom dance is like learning to walk, except you forget how many times you fell as a baby to learn to walk.

You have to be prepared to fall as many times as you want but this time you have a name for it “mistakes”. But if your goal is to learn to dance, you will repeat and correct those mistakes and feel childlike gratification when you get it right. This will give you a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

And laughing at your mistakes will release serotonin, making you feel young and happy!

#8: You can dance anywhere in the world

Ballroom dances are popular in all corners of the world. Some countries are more actively involved in the dance than others. In some countries, ballroom dancing is a specialty, but you can be sure to find a ballroom or dance studio somewhere.

You also don’t have to understand the words of the song, just the music. My first showcase case was a song in a foreign language, but the rhythms of the music were perfect for the story I wanted to tell. That was six years ago and I haven’t bothered to find out what the words of the song mean because I delivered my own message at the dance.

#9 You have the opportunity to dress up and go out with glamor

In a world where wearing jeans has been accepted as the norm, having a reason to dress up is a welcome attraction. Ballroom wear for women has also evolved. Men can still wear tails, but their way of dressing has evolved. But it’s the preparation that makes it worth it. Shopping, trying on and finding the best dress for each dance is exhilarating.

The more you get to be creative and decide what you want. This helps you stand out even more. All that energy lifts you up and takes you to a better place, a place of well-being.

#10: You Meet People

Ballroom dancing appeals to all kinds of people from different walks of life. Their goal is to relax from their busy lives and have fun doing it. Whatever level of dance you reach you will have fun. From beginners jumping to the ground for the first time, often with a terrified look on their faces, to seasoned pros. The general rule of ballroom dancing is “You can’t say No when asked to dance,” so even if you’re new and someone asks you to dance, say “Yes” (women ask men to dance too). The person who invites you to dance will dance at your level. Remember that everyone started from that first step.


These are my most important reasons and advantages why I love to dance and now there is something about them in my Soul…
Parents go through the phases of Good, Bad and Ugly intertwined in the good intentions of raising our children in a perfect way. These phases are unique to each child and teach parents about a whole new world they had no idea existed.
I have painted a mural of love in my heart, for each of my children, from what I have learned and the highlights are the Good phases.
These ten advantages of dance are taken from the “Mural of my son’s love”. A piece of the mural I painted when I was trying to make my son’s wedding day the most special day of his life.
That little piece opened a window to my soul. It’s the window into World of Dance that you didn’t know existed. Learning to use parts of my body (most of which I didn’t even know existed) in a different way by reading other people’s body language like a book by both looking at and listening to their muscle tone.
And best of all love to dance…

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