Teaching And Training Sun Conures: 5 Tips For Training Sun Conures To Talk

If you have ever had the privilege of owning a sun conure parrot, then you already know the joy these beautiful little birds can bring into the home. They overwhelm us with their warm and friendly demeanor while mesmerizing us with their beautiful natural colors. What more can we ask of these cute little friends?

Well, for starters, you need to remember that Sun Parrots belong to the parrot family and if you have ever wondered how difficult it can be to teach and train Sun Parrots, always remember that the same rules for training parrots apply to training parrots. solar parrots.

There is a small degree of difficulty as sun conures are not as talkative as an Amazon parrot, but teaching and training sun conures is definitely worth our time and effort nonetheless. I have discovered 5 tips to teach and train sun parrots to talk and they will surely make your life easier.

First tip:

Using a primitive microphone on your computer, record yourself repeating simple, cute phrases like; hello, pretty bird, how are you, bye, etc. and burn the audio track to a CD. Leave the CD playing on your home stereo on repeat mode during the day while you’re at work so your sun conure bird can hear the repeated words throughout the day. In about a week, he will speak those phrases to you.

Second tip:

If the first tip works like a charm (and has never failed in my years of teaching and training Sun Parrots), be sure to praise your Sun Parrot by giving it a small treat, like a pumpkin seed or a fruit every day. time you successfully repeat a phrase.

Third tip:

Train your conure to talk in small 5-minute sessions throughout the week. Sun Parrots are delicate birds and you don’t want to frustrate or stress them out. Just take 5 minutes out of your day and repeat a few phrases to your Sun Parrot, each time you repeat them at just the right time, praise him with a treat and cheer.

Fourth tip:

Never hit your sun conure parrot or spray it with water if it is not learning as quickly as expected. Teaching and training Sun Parrots to talk requires patience. If your parrot doesn’t cooperate, don’t hit or punish it. Instead, end the training session and try again later that day or the next day.

Fifth tip:

Try to relate a certain phrase with an action. If you feed your Sun Parrot at a certain time of day every day and say the words time to eat each time you feed them, they will associate this phrase with their hunger and consciously utter those words when it’s time for lunch.

If you’re serious about teaching and training Sun Parrots, you’ll find that these 5 tips will help you get your Sun Parrot talking in no time. I suggest starting with a short 5 minute training session with your Sun Parrot today using an easy word like Hello or your name.
Follow the rest of the tips for about 2 weeks and if you practice them correctly, you will see a huge improvement in your Sun Parrot’s speech vocabulary.

Folks, did you know that 75% of sun conure owners have never heard them say a single word or phrase? Studies show that most parrot owners don’t even know that their parrots can be trained to talk or perform tricks. Find out how you can do both!
Learn the secrets to teaching and training Sun Parrots here.

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