Prepaid Credit Cards – Benefits and detailed descriptions

There are various prepaid credit card offers introduced by banks all over the world. It is very easy for a person with bad credit to apply for a prepaid credit card. To get a prepaid credit card, the person needs to deposit an amount in the credit card account, then only the card will be issued. It is almost the same as a debit card. And there are no bills or interest charges. Initially, there will be a fee to set up an account, the amount varies between $5 and $10 to set up a prepaid credit card account. There are hundreds of offers available in the US. Let’s see the detailed description and benefits of some offers named as the best offers.

Johnny Cash™ MasterCard® Prepaid Card: This card comes with a tagline that mentions “If you love cash… You’ll love this card! This card offers a maximum value of $2,500.00 and is 100% approved. There is no employment required, no security deposit, no credit checks, no rejections and absolutely no annual fee.

The MasterCard® 20/20™ Prepaid Card: This card offers Guaranteed Approval, there are no interest charges or overdraft fees. Provides a better budget option: Avoid debt and the card member can use it at millions of locations and thousands of ATMs around the world.

The Vaya™ MasterCard® Prepaid Card: This card has some special advantages. let’s see one by one. Provides guaranteed approval, no credit check, bank account or security deposit required, no interest charges or late fees and no check cashing fees. It provides prepaid, with easy load options, free direct deposit, and the cardmember can add cash instantly at thousands of retail locations. This card offers purchasing power at more than 32 million merchants worldwide, access to cash at more than 900,000 ATMs and is protected by MasterCard’s zero liability policy.

Western Union® Prepaid MasterCard® Card: This card is called as Easy to get! Easy to use! There are no credit checks required, no lengthy application, $9.95 non-refundable enrollment fee for the card, and the applicant doesn’t even need a bank account. Cardholder can shop anywhere MasterCard debit cards are accepted, can access cash from participating ATMs, cardholder can load cash onto their card at any of Western’s 47,000 agent locations Union card participants in the US and you will get a $4.95 waiver on your monthly account maintenance fee.

Baby Phat Visa® RushCard Prepaid Card: This card is simple and reasonable. There are no annual, monthly or customer service fees. There’s a one-time activation fee: $19.95 (so card members don’t have to pay monthly fees that can cost $60 a year or more). There is a fee per purchase: $1.00 (limited to $10 per month; additional purchases are free). ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee: $1.95 (anywhere in the US)

RushCard Visa® Prepaid Card: There are no monthly, annual or hidden fees. This card offer is created by philanthropist and businessman Russell Simmons. Everyone is eligible to take advantage of this card offer. There is no credit check or employment verification. Quick and easy application processing. Provides free money load with direct deposit of payment or government benefits. Also provides free 24/7 customer service, activity status and balance inquiries

These are some of the best recommended prepaid credit card offers [] available on the market. So make the right decision before applying for a prepaid credit card. [].

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