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Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Surgery for Men on the Rise

There is a noticeable increase in plastic or cosmetic surgery for men of all ages. Leading surgeons have several explanations for the increase in procedures for men, and few seem to agree on one main reason. Despite the disagreement on the main causes of the increase, there is almost universal agreement that there is a notable increase.

Some surgeons believe that the main reason for the increase in plastic or cosmetic surgery for men is that men are becoming more aware of the relationship between appearance and confidence. Since many industries are highly competitive, men equate success with confidence in themselves and/or their physical appearance, leading more men to seek plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. Men in sales, entertainment, and other highly visible careers seek professional assistance to maintain or improve their appearance. Some industries that are experiencing the largest increase in proceedings are: real estate, entertainment, advertising sales, and marketing.

The fact that it has become less taboo for men to undergo plastic or cosmetic surgery is also pointed to as a catalyst in the rise of procedures for men. Over the past two decades, men have taken their appearance more seriously, and that’s evident in the increased sales of men’s clothing, fashion magazines, personal care products, and cosmetic and plastic surgery. Men of all backgrounds are taking their appearance more seriously, and related industries are taking notice.

The procedures that men receive parallel many of the procedures that women receive. Instead of breast augmentation, men receive pectoral implants and other types of implants. Facelifts, tummy tucks, liposuction and other procedures are also being received by men in greater numbers than ever before. For more information on plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery for men or women, you can visit MandellBrown.com to learn more about triple-board certified Dr. Mandell-Brown.


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