Pedophilia among America’s leaders

Pedophilia is rampant in the United States. Sales of illegal child pornography amount to an estimated $ 3 billion a year in the United States. The industry enslaves some 300,000 children. Last October, the nation witnessed the resignation of one of our nation’s leaders, Representative Mark Foley, following allegations of misconduct with the pages of Congress. We are also familiar with the sex scandals that surrounded President Clinton. Then there are the past sex scandals surrounding Representative Barney Frank, Representative Dan Crane, and Representative Gerry Studds. But these are only the tip of the iceberg. There is a serious and sinister problem among our leaders in Washington DC and among our leaders across the country. This sinister problem appears to have not been investigated for years. The problem involves pedophile sex parties, child abduction, child sex slaves, pornography, blackmail, murder, cover-ups, and obstructed investigations.

This problem has been exposed by credible investigators such as retired New York police detective Jim Rothstein and Ted Gunderson, former chief special agent in charge of the FBI. It has also been documented in cases such as the Omaha Child Sex Ring, the alleged international child abduction ring Finders, the McMartin Preschool sexual abuse trial, and the kidnapping of Johnny Gosch, among many others.

Detective Jim Rothstein shed light on the national problem of government protection of pedophiles in several 2002 radio interviews. While he was a detective for the NYPD, Jim “investigated and succeeded in convicting several notorious criminals who engage in sexual violence. child prostitution and kidnapping both locally and nationally. ” Jim says there are satanic links to child abductions, but that “police personnel often refuse to investigate” these satanic links and “insist there is no such thing.”

According to Jim and many others: “The evidence shows that child abduction can and probably does have the cooperation of local and national police departments and the FBI. Also, Jim says that good cops who handle these cases find that they become victims themselves. They are harassed by higher-ups within their department and even by other agents across the country. Pressure is exerted on them to rob or even stop their investigations. According to Jim, one of his most troubling cases was Willie Dunn’s. Dunn was a major provider of children; he was involved in kidnapping and buying and selling of children. Dunn was convicted and sentenced to prison, but was released by someone within our government. After being released, Dunn continued to kidnap, buy and sell children across the country. He was prosecuted and convicted multiple times, but Jim says each time ‘someone let him out to continue s us operations in the United States’ “.

In another case, Jim had an informant whose home was allegedly used by US intelligence to compromise some people with three young children. This is a tactic in which US intelligence provides boys or girls for sex and then secretly records the event for blackmail purposes. His intention is not money, but power. They use this tactic to control people in power or criminals who could be of use to them. In the case reported by Jim, the young children ended up being murdered. The informant alleged that this murder occurred at the hands of intelligence agents.

Jim took the allegations seriously and served his informant with a subpoena to appear before the New York City Crimes Select Committee. Even before Jim could return to his office, someone had already “squashed” the summons. Jim said that this person obviously had great power and influence because not only were they able to crush the summons, but they were able to prevent Jim from finding out who they were. I think it goes without saying that these two cases suggest government involvement at very high levels, either voluntarily or coercively.

Another notable case is that of the Omaha child sex network run by Larry King, a Nebraska businessman and Republican rising star (not associated with the radio talk show host). The sex ring was discovered in a 1988 FBI investigation into King’s theft of $ 40 million from the Franklin Credit Union, which he ran. The investigation found that King had brought children to Washington DC in numerous cases. While in Washington DC, the children allegedly attended parties and provided sex to some of the members of Congress who attended these parties. On at least one occasion, the presidential limousine was alleged to have been parked outside King’s condo during one of these parties. During testimony in court, one of the children gave precise details of the rooms inside the White House that are not open to the public.

In 1987 the alleged international child abduction ring Finders was discovered. An investigation was launched after “an informant had informed Tallahassee police that Finders was an undercover organization involved in” blood rituals, “” sex orgies with children, “and an unsolved murder.” The investigation ultimately led to none other than the CIA. An investigation by both the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department and United States Customs was stopped. It is alleged that the CIA informed these agencies that the investigation was an internal matter. Former FBI agent Ted Gunderson said his personal investigation showed that Finders was a CIA sting operation that began in the 1960s.

In 1985, the McMartin Preschool sexual abuse case made national headlines. Preschool owners are alleged to have sexually abused the preschool-age children in the tunnels below the school. The children also reported on satanic ceremonies and trips to a morgue and a satanic ritual site in the hills. 389 potential victims were interviewed and examined. About 80% showed physical signs of sexual abuse and the majority had memories of abuse and satanic rituals. The owners went to trial in California and were found not guilty.

Train FBI agent Ted Gunderson led an independent investigation of the site on behalf of one of the parents. The tunnels described by the children had been filled in and the police could not locate them. Several years later, parents were able to access the site. The tunnels were unearthed by E. Gary Stickel, a UCLA archaeologist, and a team of professionals. What they found fit the description given by the children. The children were also able to give directions to the morgue to which they were allegedly taken. Eventually, Ted found a satanic ritual site in the hills that matched the children’s description. According to Ted, the prosecutor was not interested in any of the evidence that he and others had discovered that corroborated the children’s story. The children implicated many prominent people in the case; Not surprisingly, none have ever faced serious trial or investigation.

In 1982, a newspaper boy was kidnapped while delivering newspapers in his hometown of West De Moines, Iowa. This boy’s name was Johnny Gosch. The local police chief refused to report Johnny as missing and instead reported him as a fugitive. This is quite alarming since there were witnesses to the kidnapping. Johnny’s mother, Noreen, never gave up even when the police did little or nothing. Noreen hired private detectives and participated in talk shows with pictures of Johnny.

Noreen’s investigations eventually linked the local police chief to the Omaha Child Sex Ring. In a radio interview, Noreen said that Johnny appeared at her home one day in 1997, fifteen years after his abduction. He stayed only a few hours. He told him that he had been auctioned as a sex slave and that he had finally escaped. He said that the people involved were so powerful that he must remain hidden for the rest of his life. He said that if he made it public, both he and his mother would end up dead.

These are just symptoms of a bigger problem. America has abandoned God and his law. James Madison, the fourth president of the United States warned that our republican government rests and depends on the people who governed themselves according to the Ten Commandments; He stated, “We have staked the future of all our political institutions on the ability of each and every one of us to govern ourselves, control ourselves, and sustain ourselves in accordance with the Ten Commandments of God.”

President John Quincy Adams went one step further than President Madison. President Adam declared in an address to the military in 1798 that our form of government is inadequate to be controlled by an immoral, Godless people; He said: “We do not have a government armed with a power capable of dealing with unbridled human passions for morality and religion … Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is totally inadequate for the government of any other.” .

What has our abandonment of God and his law brought to our nation? Has it brought liberation, security, security, prosperity? Not! The United States now has the highest rate of social decomposition in the industrial world, which includes: the highest divorce rate, the highest murder rate, the highest violent crime rate, the highest illegitimacy rate, and the highest rate of illegitimacy. highest number of sexually transmitted diseases. The United States is also the largest debtor nation in the world and has no hope of repaying its debt.

Our abandonment of God and his law has not brought anything good, rather it is bringing the judgment of almighty God on the nation. This is not my opinion! It is what the Bible clearly says. Most people believe that the United States is not mentioned in the Bible, this is not the case. Aside from Israel, the Bible says more about the United States than any other nation.

If one were to dive deep into the history and current events of the United States, one would find that the United States of America has fulfilled all of God’s descriptions of Babylon in the book of revelation. This is very significant because the Bible clearly says that God will destroy Babylon.

God’s judgment is coming soon! God says that his faithful will be protected from judgment. Your only protection is to become one of His faithful. Not just a believer, but a faithful believer. If you want to be a faithful believer, you need to know God and his law. You can begin your journey of getting to know God by studying His word: the Holy Bible.

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