Offensive spread for soccer: 5 wide attack offenses

The soccer spread offense has become one of the most popular high school and college plays in soccer today. Here’s an article on a new type of spread crime.

The soccer spread offense allows you to be more aggressive on offense. You can win soccer games using the extended offense even if your opponent has better talent.

I spoke to former NFL player and football head coach Bill Renner and he is some of his thoughts on extended offense for soccer.

“Establish a beachhead” Once we determine which assault method, running or passing, is the most effective against our opponent, we will use it as the primary means of attacking him 80% of the time. The other 20% of the time we will mix it up with one of the other attack methods. We want to have two means of attack so as not to allow the defense to focus on our main method and adapt to it. At the same time, we want to consider taking what the defense allows us to run or pass. Both systems, running and passing, should be simple but provide you with the answers to whatever the defense shows you.

“One piece of territory at a time” – Do not try to beat the opponent in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd quarter, beat him gradually, control him. We want to have an offensive attack that they can’t stop from the first quarter to the fourth quarter and play all offensive situations the same way, aggressive and offensive. We do not trade offenses for distance down, being forward, being behind, goal line / short distance, last play, two minutes, etc. The spread offense of 5 wide attacks works for all situations and allows us to continue taking territory, little by little. We ALWAYS remember that no amount of points is enough for them or us!

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