Non-stop entertainment with Sirius Satellite Home Radio

Do you listen to the radio in the morning, when you first wake up or when you’re in the shower? Do you listen to the radio at night, before going to sleep? Most people listen to the radio for news, music, and entertainment at home. Until a few years ago, people were limited to receiving radio broadcasts in their local area, depending on the strength of the radio broadcasts. Additionally, these broadcasts are paid for through advertisements, which interrupt the content enjoyed by listeners.

Satellite home radio has revolutionized the listening and enjoyment of radio broadcasts. Sirius Satellite Home Radio offers non-stop music, sports, news, weather, comedy and talk shows for a subscription fee. These broadcasts have no static, one can hear the broadcast of each channel very clearly. Additionally, home satellite radio can offer content found exclusively on this type of media. A famous example would be The Howard Stern Show. Stern, tired of the FCC’s restrictions on speech, took his show to satellite radio a few years ago. Now satellite subscribers can pick up their show without commercial interruptions.

Other benefits of home satellite radio offerings are that you can listen to radio broadcasts outside of your geographic area. This is important because if you’re out of town and want to know what’s going on at home, you can listen to a local news broadcast from thousands of miles away. Another example would be that you are a huge New York Mets baseball fan, but you live in Detroit. Through satellite radio for the home, you can enjoy New York Mets baseball broadcasts wherever you live.

How do I get satellite radio service for the home? First, choose a home satellite service, like Sirius. Second, you select your team. For in-home satellite radio service, you will need an indoor/outdoor home antenna (approximate cost $39.99) or an outdoor antenna (approximate cost $49.99). You may also want to purchase an Echo wireless home system repeater system. This system allows you to enjoy Sirius radio throughout your home without installing antenna cables (approximate cost $129.99).

Finally, install and activate the service. This can be done professionally or by yourself. Home radios range in price from $100 to $250 per unit, depending on features. Monthly subscription fees range from $13 to $17 dollars per month, depending on the package you select. There are always sales, so these prices may be lower during the holiday shopping season or during other promotions.

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