Look Down Larry – The Reluctant Victim

It was a cold and cloudy November day, Detectives Sloan and Falimoso were driving south on Elmwood and were trying to locate the victim of an armed robbery that the two “hot shot” detectives had cleared up with the arrest of Cornelius. ” Red “Williams, a fairly notorious thug from District 19 who was responsible for at least several murders and numerous armed robberies.

Detectives made the arrest based on information provided by one of their many “confidential sources of information.” In this case, the arrest of “Red” Williams was facilitated through information provided by an “Associate of the 19th Squad”, Count Wilson. Count had provided resourceful and cunning detectives with information on a number of vicious and violent criminals who are now guests of the state at one of its seventeen excellent correctional facilities.

As is often the case, victims of street robberies are sometimes difficult to locate as the preliminary hearing for the defendants approaches. Such is the circumstance in which Sloan and Falimoso find themselves. The armed robbery victim had left the confines of District 19 and was heading for unknown locations.

Detectives from the adjoining districts knew the victim and were on the prowl, however, to no avail.

The preliminary hearing for “Red” Williams was scheduled for next week and Sloan and Falimoso still had no victims. As usual, Detective Rich Falimoso had a plan to solve that little problem. Sloan and Falimoso were well acquainted with an old wine aficionado, “Look Down Larry,” who made the 9-0-5 liquor store in Sherman and Pine his headquarters.

Unable to locate the victim, Sloan and Falimoso went to the liquor store 9-0-5 and made a deal with “Look Down Larry,” who gave him the nickname because he ALWAYS looked down. No one could remember “Look Down” ever looking at someone above the knee, let alone looking someone in the eye.

The deal was that tomorrow, the day of “Red” Williams’s preliminary hearing before Judge “Cactus Jack” Murphy, “Look Down” would accompany the detectives downtown. All he had to do was sit in court for a few minutes and after the preliminary hearing on “Red” Williams was over, the two detectives would take “Look Down” back to the liquor store, buy him a case of beer and they would give you twenty. -Five skids for your annoyance. “Look Down” was a pretty good sport and he accepted the deal amicably. As an added incentive, “Look Down” was able to choose the brand of beer.

The next morning, Sloan and Falimoso took “Look Down” in front of the liquor store and transported it to the courtroom for “Cactus Jack” Murphy. Upon entering the courtroom, the defendant in this case “Red” Williams, who was sitting at the defense table with his attorney, Howlin ‘Ray Nixon, turned to watch Sloan and Falimoso bring in a “victim.” and an evidence envelope containing a brown wallet that was taken from the actual victim in this case.

“Red” and Howlin ‘Ray were chatting in a rather animated way and “Red” was pointing at the two detectives and “Look down.”

The deputy prosecutor acknowledged Sloan and Falimoso with a nod and informed “Cactus Jack” that the state was ready to proceed.

After a short break, Howlin ‘Ray asked to come over to the bench. Howlin ‘Ray stated that since the victim was ready to testify and the evidence was at hand, his client wanted to plead guilty. After careful consideration, Judge “Cactus Jack” Murphy accepted the statement and the defendant, Cornelius “Red” Williams, was sent to circuit court for sentencing.

Sloan and Falimoso once again nodded to the Assistant District Attorney and left the courtroom with “Look Down Larry” and the evidence envelope.

True to his word, “Look Down” was transported back to the liquor store, with twenty-five dollars and a case of beer, the “Look Down” choice of fine fermented hops was Budweiser Select. “Look down” it said “anytime.”

Detectives Sloan and Falimoso returned to the 19th District Squad and looked at the pile of cases they faced. Tomorrow is another day and the two cunning and wise detectives would go back to work to do their best to keep the citizens of the 19th district safe and secure.

“God bless you guys”

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