List of Basic Tools for Minor Drywall Repairs

Drywall repair involves many steps. It’s more than mud and patches. In fact, it is wise to leave your moderate to major drywall renovation in the hands of a trained professional. They have the tools, training, and experience to manage any drywall repair project, regardless of size or scope. However, if you have the ambition to do your own minor repairs, you’ll at least need the basic tools to get started.

Keep in mind that these tools are not cheap, so you have to consider whether they are worth the investment or not. Unless you have future drywall renovation plans, it may be more profitable to outsource your drywall work rather than investing in your own materials for a single job.

This is what you will need

The basic tool kit for minor drywall repairs should consist of at least 6 items in particular. These include a putty knife, clay pans, sanding sponge, sandpaper, drywall tape, and corner tools. You can find these supplies at any local hardware or home improvement store, such as Lowes, Menards, and House deposit.

Clay pots

Your mud tray is a staple in your drywall tool kit because it will improve work efficiency. You’ll use it to carry drywall compound with you while you work. Falcons are used by professional remodeling contractors, but clay pots are best for small jobs and beginners.


There are several types of spatulas, ranging in size from 2 inches to a foot. You will need to make sure you choose one that is suitable for minor wall repair projects. Anything under 6 inches should work fine.

Sanding sponge and sandpaper

With virtually every drywall repair project, painting is expected to be on the agenda. And with paint comes sanding. You will need to smooth the drywall compound to get a smooth paint surface. The proper grit sandpaper or sanding sponge are two tools that will help you achieve the best results during the sanding steps.

Drywall Tape

For small holes and cracks in drywall, you will need tape to secure them in place and make sure the cracks do not reappear under the compound. Larger holes should be covered with adhesive mesh or special self-adhesive sheets.

Corner tools

You will need corner tools for drywall repairs on hard-to-reach wall corners. Not only will this reduce the stress on your muscles, it will make your work progress more efficiently. Just be sure to find the right corner tools for small repair jobs.

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