How to do a good "About us" Page for your website

The “About Us” page is a vital part of any website. It is actually one of the most visited pages on each and every website. Think about it: If you want to learn about a business, organization, or individual, this is probably the first page you will look for on your website.

Therefore, one of the first impressions you can make on a potential consumer is from your “About Us” page. Fortunately, this is good news for everyone, especially since it is one of the best pages on your website for you to really customize and get creative.

We’ve all seen good “About Us” pages, and we’ve all seen bad ones alike. So the initial question here is: What really makes a good “About Us” page?

Be unique

First of all, we definitely think it should be memorable.

The ‘About Us’ pages that we all remember are the ones that really caught our eye – maybe the page was fun, entertaining, used a lot of good images, or whatever else made it memorable.

Whatever it is, find the unique points of your business and let it shine creatively in your ‘About Us’. Depending on the style of your company, you can make it work to create an ‘About Us’ page that stands out from other companies in your field.

Also, keep in mind that your consumers will appreciate a company that doesn’t take itself too seriously. If you show a bit of humor and uniqueness through your ‘About Us’ then you will reveal a quirky side of your business that will be attractive.

Customize your page

The second thing to remember when creating a good and effective “About Us” page is to customize it enough to suit you and your business. It must contain information that relates to its users and consumers. Personalization will also help show the human side behind your business and brand; depending on the amount of information you are willing to share.

However, if you think you are a company that does not want to reveal any personal information about you or the people behind the company, there is still a way to personalize your brand through your ‘About Us’. Think like a global brand and reveal the intricate details about your company – for example, show how your business came about and reveal other interesting snippets that only your true fans would want to learn about.

Tell your story

If your company has a particularly interesting or unusual backstory related to how it came about, then that would also be a fun way to get the most out of your ‘About Us’ page alone.

Reveal your story – how, why and what your company ultimately stands for. This is particularly effective if you have a brand message for your consumers or you think your business has something to offer personally that differs from the rest of the market.

However, always keep in mind that your ‘About Us’ page shouldn’t be too long. You don’t want to overload your consumers with too much information or actually bore them off the page. You want your page to be eye-catching and interesting. It is advisable to divide large volumes of text or information with fun images or a particularly nice color scheme.

Create a business timeline

Another fun way to reveal everything about your business, which will not be too long or uninteresting, is through an interactive timeline.

This is also a good way to easily showcase the important moments your business expanded and the highlights of your company. You keep the tone positive and focus on how successful your business has been over the timeline.

Also, by making it interactive, you can allow your users to click through to read more about the milestones they find interesting. This will entice them to read more and spend more time on your website and your business.

Be clear and concise

In addition to inserting fun and your own uniqueness into your ‘About Us’ page, you need to remember that the main purpose of the page is to explain who you are. The page must, above all, be informative and clear.

The “About Us” page should succinctly explain what your company does and what the goal is, but in a fun and easy-to-identify way. Don’t go overboard with the explanation though – the best ‘About Us’ pages are concise and simple, making it easy for the audience to understand your business and your intentions.

Another solid way to inform your consumers in a useful way is by using a few testimonials. Ask your past clients for these and comments, and remember to assign their names and authority to the quotes. Testimonials will make your business appear more legitimate and successful, as well as quietly bragging about the strength of your consumer base.

The people behind your business

If your company wants to be friendlier and more related, you may not necessarily want to focus on your business and your goals. In that case, it may be more attractive to focus your ‘About Us’ page on you and your staff members. Especially if you have a small team, focusing on your staff can be a very effective way to engage your consumers as they can see the people who work behind your business.

You don’t need to include a lot of information about anyone in particular, and certainly not any really personal data either. However, if you can get staff members to write short paragraphs about themselves, revealing a quirky snippet about themselves or what they do on the team, then this will be enough information.

It is also essential to use photos for each staff member and make the images look fun and unique, in order to truly reflect the sentiment and personality of the company. Interesting images complement any “About Us” page.

We hope you enjoyed our examples and ideas on how to create a good “About Us” page. Take a look at your own page – are you inspired to make the little changes that really make it stand out?

All “About Us” pages are different and should be designed to fit the personality of your company. There are no hard and fast rules, just remember to take time and don’t ignore the importance of this page.

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