Government Jobs for Criminals: Myths About Serious Government Crime Jobs

Government offender jobs are an option and it may surprise you to learn that being a former offender does not automatically disqualify you for federal employment. According to the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM), there is no blanket prohibition against hiring criminals. As with many other jobs, you just have to show that you are worthy of federal criminal job.

Although there is no general prohibition on hiring criminals, there are specific regulations that may apply depending on the type of work and the type of crime. To give an example, people who have been convicted of crimes of domestic violence may be prohibited from “working in any position that requires the individual to: send, transport, possess or receive firearms or ammunition.”

When you apply for a job, OPM will determine your eligibility on a case-by-case basis. The factors that are relevant to getting a job in the government are:

• duties of the position you applied for

• nature of the felony

• how recent the crime was

• evidence of rehabilitation

Employers, including OPM, believe that the best way to predict future job performance is to look at past job performance. Assuming the law doesn’t prohibit you from the particular job you want, having a good resume with a solid work history is the key to landing a government job.

Don’t be afraid of being rejected right away when applying for a job and be honest about your background. The Office of Personal Management always conducts background checks, so it’s best to be honest about your past. Try to emphasize your skills and strengths rather than your criminal record.

For many, federal jobs offer benefits and job security that are unrivaled by any other employer in the US Federal employees enjoy the following:

• job security

• annual salary increase

• 10 paid vacations per year

• health insurance

• life insurance

• retirement benefits

• paid vacation and sick days

• family-friendly policies

There are government jobs for criminals. It can be difficult to compete with applicants who have a clean record, but difficult is not the same as impossible. If there is a federal vacancy that you think you are qualified to fill, go ahead and apply as soon as you can. You will lose nothing but time and you may be able to secure employment in criminal government positions.

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