Driving with satellite navigation

When you want to use your sat nav to get where you want to go, have you ever thought about where you should put it while driving?

One area where people seem to place the sat nav is at the top of the windshield, right in the center. Have you thought about how dangerous that could be, since you’re limiting where you can see? If you place it anywhere on the window screen, this will at some point distract you because you want to know which way to go on the road.

People don’t know where they should legally go, as many people think and don’t read where they should go.

While driving, the correct position for your sat nav is in the lower right hand corner of your windscreen, in this area you have a much better view of the road ahead.

Just think if you were to put it somewhere else how would this reduce your vision and would you be able to see, can you see from all angles to spot any danger that might come your way?

So where would be the best place for your satnav device? For me, the best place is not to have one but to plan your trip beforehand. Look at the good old map book and plan a route you’ll take, but also plan other routes for any traffic problems or if you get lost on the route you’re taking. If you think you are lost, stop in a safe place and look at your trusty map.

Things that have happened in the past just relying on your satellite can be very bad, from following a satellite and not looking around to then driving your car into a lake. This person wasn’t looking through the windshield, she was looking at the device that told her there was no lake. But this lake was only created 3 months ago and the satellite programmers had no idea it was there when they last updated.

So remember that satnav cannot see an up-to-date view of the road ahead. You should always look through your windshield while driving down the road, as this is one way you will always see what is in front of you. If you are not sure how to use satnav, please plan your route beforehand and don’t use it.


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