Do you know how to start generating leads on Twitter?

How do you generate leads with Twitter starting today? Twitter is definitely an amazing social media platform for engaging users, building relationships, and creating a loyal customer base. You can find many additional ways to start lead generation with Twitter.

Here are just 7 ways to use Twitter to start your lead generation starting today.

Create a proactive approach (CTA) Tweet anchored how-you-generate-leads-with-Twitter

Produce a call to action that leads your followers to a website. Your splash page should offer your audience something of value. Give away a totally free guide, a cheat sheet, the best way to download video, audio, etc.

Use Twitter Prospecting Cards

Twitter lead generation cards would be the most direct approach to driving engagement and gathering information, and they don’t cost that much. If you’re not familiar with lead generation cards, they collect contact information from someone’s email address and information from Twitter with one click.

Set up automatic direct messages

Create direct messages that introduce themselves and target your new followers on your home page. I prefer a free app tool called Crowdfire. Find out more about how to use this application and much more by reading my post.

Engage in conversations with your followers Engage with your Twitter followers by sending them direct messages and @mentions. Stay engaged with your posts by liking and retweeting them.

Interact in a chat with your followers

Engage with your new Twitter followers by sending them a message to your inbox and use @meations for your followers and stay active with them by liking and retweeting your content.

Tweet multiple times a day

Since many of the people you follow have many people they follow on Twitter, the faster your tweets are removed from the page.

That is why it is important that you post several times a day on a regular basis.

When posting your content, keep the 80/20 rule in mind. 80% value-driven content and 20% business-related tweets. generate-leads-with-Twitter Don’t get all spam with your business related tweets.

Make sure to post 80% value-driven content that will help other people, as well as motivation and inspirational quotes. 20% of direct commercial tweets. Just keep in mind that when generating leads on Twitter, don’t just spam all business-related tweets. It will block you and people will stop following you on Twitter.

A good number to follow per day is 500

A good plan is to follow more than 500 people a day. If you follow new people daily on Twitter who follow you, you will generate daily leads.

By following 500 new people per day on Twitter, a good number of people will follow you and in return generate leads on a daily basis.

Just remember to follow people in your niche to do this using an app called crowd fire or using the Twitter search field.

Build trust with people

Building trust on Twitter and all social media is vital to your marketing success. If you follow these tips on a daily basis, you will start generating leads every day, just keep in mind that it will take time to build your following and people’s trust.

If you found this information helpful, feel free to share it with others on your team.

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