Cycling lighter with the Urban Lite range of bikes

The new range of Urban Lite folding bikes offers the traveler a high-performance bike that folds in 15 seconds and weighs 9.5 kg.

All commuters want a lighter frame folding bike that they can easily transport while using trains, buses, and bicycles to get through morning traffic. Now the Urban Lite range of folding bikes is offered online at a price well below RRP.

The Urban Lite bike range

Urban Lite bikes have the lightest frames in the world! Made from strong magnesium alloy and foldable in seconds, the Urban Lite range of bikes is made for the urban commuter.

The Urban Lite 1 is an extremely popular item in the range and is available online for just £ 189.99 (RRP: £ 249.99). It is offered in a range of colors and Shimano 6-speed sports system with Revoshift spin changer, folding pedals, 16 “wheels with light-alloy rims, and quick-release seat.

This is the world’s lightest 16-inch folding bike at 9.5kg and folds down to just 70cm x 50cm x 30cm! Its magnesium alloy frame is stronger than aluminum and does not rust like steel.

The maximum weight allowed is 105 kg and it comes with a twelve month warranty and a deployment time of just twenty (20) seconds.

Currently on sale online with a FREE carrying case, stand and lock worth over £ 34.00. Good shopping!

The lightweight frames ensure that the Urban Lite bike range weighs less than 10kg, with the lightest being the Absolut Lite carbon folding bike. This is the lightest 20 “folding bike available on the internet today at 7.9kg! Online dealers are offering this lightweight bike at £ 999.00 (well below the RRP of £ 1599.99). A must for who commute around the city daily.

For those considering something lower in price, the Urban Lite 2, 20 “, 10.5kg folder would be perfect for £ 199.99. Available in a variety of colors, it comes complete from some online dealers with a carrying case, stand and FREE padlock valued at around £ 37.00 We love light blue!

Online dealers now offer a wide range of lightweight frame folding bikes for adults and children, including mountain bikes, commuter bikes, electric bikes and recumbent bikes at prices well below the recommended retail price (RRP) and, often with value-added items like FREE locks, chains, and brackets.

Thinking about switching to a folding bike

More than half of the world’s population lives in a city and every day we all endure the daily commute to offices, schools, coffee shops, shopping centers, and back home. One in three London commuters use the train to help ease tension and many now use bicycles to complete the journey to or from the train station.

At some point they will have to carry their bike, and sometime in the near future, trains, buses, and planes will stop allowing full-size bikes on board as pressure increases for space and weight limitations. So if you are a cyclist, it makes sense to buy a lightweight folding bike now.

Folding bike owners are liberal in their praise of folding bikes. These are some of the advantages they have shared with us:

1. Folding bikes make getting around easier

2. The Urban Range is lighter to transport on and off public transportation and is generally more acceptable as it folds up quickly into a small package.

3. Does not take up much space at home in an apartment or townhouse / flat

4. Specifications are higher on folding bikes these days.

5. Prices are comparable to traditional upright bikes.

6. They are not as flimsy as they seem

7. Now there are a wide variety of colors and types of pleats.

8. As parking prices rise, the demand for folding bikes will increase.

9. A folding bike is less likely to be stolen since you can take it with you.

10. Homeowners feel they are helping cities go ‘green’

11.Folding bikes can be substantially adjusted to fit everyone (kids around 14 years old) (the maximum rider inside the leg is 34 “)

As Britain’s ‘eco-city’ policy takes hold of the country, more and more travelers will switch from their cars to folding bikes.

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