Corporate Values ​​- Cooperation

“We build relationships within our organization, between departments and domains, between agencies, and between individuals (to meet customer needs).”

Another example:
“We act with integrity, loyalty, trust and mutual respect. We work as a team across organizational and geographic boundaries to achieve superior results.” (1)

When do you use this value?
For example, as in the previous case, when integration is a problem. Products and services are often part of a whole, and a single solution must fit into a larger context.

A good match for this value is one where the focus is set. The challenge of collaboration is finding a shared goal. Only if there is a common goal, collaboration is possible. The goal will be related to a specific customer requirement. What does the customer need? This is important for both external and internal customers. Then we collaborate but taking into account the times, the agreements and others.

Another problem with collaboration is the standards used. A common language. Or a supportive environment where people can collaborate.

This value is also a good example where it can be used at a high organizational level as well as describe individual behavior, making its use practical.

Collaboration is different from teamwork. Teamwork primarily focuses on the relationships between a team within an organization. Collaboration goes further and focuses on teams that have their own business (goals) but are willing to cooperate with other parties for mutual success. Collaboration requires more of an entrepreneurial spirit, while teamwork is an organizational mechanism for distributing and delegating work among team members.

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