Candida extinction experience when doing the Anti-Candida diet

In this article, I want to tell you about the experience of a woman I know who has had health problems for over a year and finally died after following a standard candida diet. She started having a swollen and sore belly all of a sudden with the weight gain, despite all of her diet and exercise regimen. She had ultrasounds and blood tests that showed nothing. Finally, in May, she was diagnosed with mild hypothyroidism. She was on thyroid medication to help with energy, but she wasn’t feeling well.

In October, she was driving and suddenly felt drunk and her heart was racing. She has since stopped taking her thyroid medication and has had further tests on her adrenal and thyroid glands. I mentioned for his Candidiasis research. She recalled that she had taken antibiotics 3 times since 1998 for strep throat, throat infections, and finally just before she got sick, she fell on the treadmill at the gym and had to take antibiotics for the knee infection.

He also took tetracycline for over a year as a teenager for his occasional pimples. He started reading up on thrush and its symptoms and discovered that he pretty much had most of them, including his drunken episode which could have been caused by thrush. She has suffered from thrush, heart palpitations, low temperature, muscle spasms (magnesium deficiency), fatigue, hair loss, acne, dry throat, getting sick all the time, brain fog, etc.

She began the anti-candida diet and rotating supplements with caprylic acid, garlic, grapefruit seed extract, colloidal silver, hydrochloric acid, and calcium-magnesium. He is currently waiting for his Formula SF722. He has lost 6.5 pounds in just over a week and the other day was almost like a normal day. She felt good for the first time in a long time. Unfortunately, she periodically feels very bad about this death, her brain very confused and a little out of it, as if he had the flu. She is not eating sugar, wheat, flour, caffeine, etc.

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