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Are we honestly smarter than our smartphones?

Maybe I should ask that in another way. Am I smart enough to make use of smartphones?

Everyone familiar with me would most likely answer with a resounding “NO.” The reality that I am technologically handicapped is not a hidden secret, but some people consider their precious wireless smartphones to be, in general, an essential component of their daily lives. They are used to much more than just talking with close friends!

Undoubtedly, smartphones are much more than just mobile phones. In reality, they are much more like a good mobile computing system. They provide considerably more computing power and connectivity compared to a regular cell phone. With a smartphone, a person can set up and operate all kinds of state-of-the-art programs. They are nicknamed PPA (Pocket Personal Computer) which allows you to make an online purchase, download recipes and quality video games, view your bank account balance, text content, take photos and videos, not to mention your skill. to talk to your friends and strangers. That is by no means close to all the things you are capable of doing with these little devices. Approximately 45.5 million men and women in the US own a smartphone, which is the fastest growing sector of the mobile phone market.

IBM created the first smartphone in the form of a concept item in 1992. It was known as the Simon and was added to the market in 1993. By today’s criteria, it could be considered a low-end device, however, it was considered to be highly innovative and technologically advanced. at that moment. In addition to being used as a mobile cell phone, Simon was built with a calculator, calendar, notepad, and world clock. He had the ability to deliver and receive faxes, not to mention video games. There was absolutely no actual physical control keys, however it did have a predictive keyboard along with a rudimentary touchscreen. Text could be entered with a stylus. Of course consumers needed more, so Nokia’s line of communicators burst onto the scene in 1996, fusing Hewlitt-Packard’s PDA (personal digital assistant) with Nokia’s best mobile phone. The first models coupled the PDA and the cell phone using a hinge. Nokia also had the first camera phone and the first smartphone with Wi-Fi.

The products just exploded on the market from that period on with the development of the Blackberry, Palm Treo, and then Windows smartphones. At that time, you could also send and get email. In 2007, Nokia released a smartphone with GPS, an autofocus digital camera, 3G and Wi-Fi functionality. Over the next two years, these features became commonplace on high-end smartphones. These days we now have Androids, iPhones and many more. As soon as you can figure out how to use one of these devices, some company releases a smartphone that is faster and superior and everyone wants to have one of these latest devices. It is a fact that as the availability of products continues to expand, the prices of these products will continue to find themselves in a downward spiral. There really aren’t many people who can pay $500.00 for the privilege of owning a smartphone these days.

Fortunately, smartphones can be found in a wide range of prices and for someone who really must have one. An affordable smartphone will probably always be available for your budget.


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