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Day: November 10, 2022

stock market bubble

A combination of forces, such as rapidly rising share prices, market confidence that companies have great potential for future earnings, individual speculation in every corner, and widely available investment capital, create an environment that it inflates stock prices and gives…

Installing cabinet handles in 5 easy steps

In a depressed economy, most of us cannot afford home renovations. This makes it very difficult if we want to enjoy a new look, or if we want to sell the house and fix it up before doing so. A…

Large-scale transformation strategies

It is common in the workplace to hear leadership statements about change. Statements like: change is a constant or the only thing that is constant is change. The pessimism of change has had a negative connotation for quite some time….

Tips for writing a letter to your husband to express your feelings

As a marriage begins to mature, the partners involved often become so comfortable with each other that each assumes the other can read their minds. In fact, it is something that most of us of the female gender dream of….

Perfect pushups for women

Push-ups are the best exercise for women to define their muscles. Why? Adding push-ups to your workout not only tightens your chest but will give you great muscle definition in your shoulders, triceps, delts, and traps. You’ll get that sexy…

Immigration Law: Avoid Pitfalls

In law school, prospective attorneys are taught how to present the best argument on behalf of clients and that each issue can be viewed in different ways. In fact, our standard court system is designed with that concept in mind….

See the best of New Zealand in the Bay Of Islands

As the vibrant heart of New Zealand’s travel and tourism industry, Auckland sees more traffic than anywhere else in the country. Auckland Airport is a major connection and stopover for travelers from almost anywhere in the world and the city…

What is a commercial mortgage?

A commercial mortgage is similar in principle to a residential mortgage, except that it is used to purchase property or to raise capital for business rather than home purposes. As with residential mortgages, the lender You retain rights to the…

First looks at the BlackBerry Torch 9860

BlackBerry phones have this way of looking overly serious, with their Qwerty keyboards that seem like a good fit only if you’re going to attend corporate strategy meetings. What about everyone else who is interested in looking trendy and cool?…

Chaos in college football: blatant helmet-to-helmet shooting must stop before someone is killed

I watch college football because it’s tough, tough, exciting and fun. The parity in college football today means that no team is safe from being upset on any given game day. I don’t watch college football because it’s beyond vicious….