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Vacation in California – Part 6 of a day by day diary

The middle part of Southern California has an ideal climate for growing grapes. At least twenty vineyards have been... Read More
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What is investment property?

Any property that is owned for the purpose of earning and expecting returns is classified as investment property. Investment... Read More
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Looking for more clients? Go to web video

Where do your customers find you? In 2012, more than ever, entrepreneurs need to be where their potential customers... Read More

Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins

Arguably the fiercest rivalry in NFL history reconvenes tonight in the nation’s capital, when the Dallas Cowboys take on... Read More
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Beetroot, the new superfood, and how to grow it

Beetroot – Beta vulgaris, used as a medicine and aphrodisiac by the Romans, is making a comeback. Recent research... Read More
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Spiritual Awakening: How to Know When You Reach “Critical Mass” in Your Awakening Process

It seems that many people these days cling to the words of channelers as if they are somehow more... Read More

The history of emoticons

An emoticon is most often used to express the writer’s mood by using letters and punctuation to form a... Read More

Everything you need to know about registering your trademark

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15 steps to a clutter-free home

It’s time to get in the habit of letting go of excess stuff, instead of finding a place to... Read More

Skip hiring made easy

The dumpsters are heavy-duty, open metal box containers that can be rented for filling with non-hazardous general waste. They... Read More