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LIFE IS A JOURNEY – Enjoy your journey

Enjoy your own life path and even appreciate the twists and turns that your own life choices present to... Read More

unlimited mother’s day

“Women who have cared for, guided, supported and loved people who did not give birth (and yes, pets are... Read More
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1920s Craftsman Home Remodel: A DIY Odyssey

As the new owner of a 1924 “fixer-upper” craftsman’s home, I was very excited to begin the remodel. The... Read More
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Spider-Man Musical Trivia

Stan Lee and Steve Ditko probably never imagined that when they created Spider-Man, they would end up with their... Read More

Who is Jay Kubassek?

If you are one of the tribe of new age entrepreneurs who use the Internet as one of their... Read More
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PGCL: The Next Big Thing for Anabolics of 2009

PGCL is a compound you might be hearing a lot about in 2009. It has been described as highly... Read More

What are webinars and what difference do they make?

A webinar is a live online audio or video seminar that links you as the host of the webinar... Read More

Generational Wealth: 3 Tips to Create, Build and Protect Your Family’s Generational Wealth

Most of the Western world is bankrupt in its thinking. Generational wealth is a term that we should all... Read More
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Pebble tiles: main advantages!

Pebble Tiles are decorative natural tiles made from hand-picked and sorted pebbles from the Indonesian island of Bali. This... Read More

Green trends that are actually saving the world

On the contrary, studies conducted in recent years have provided indisputable evidence that ecological trends have greatly contributed to... Read More