10 Powerful Blogging Secrets Revealed For New Bloggers

Hello new bloggers, pay attention: 10 powerful blogging secrets will be revealed to help you build your website/blog!

Are you new to blogging? Thinking of starting a blog? Just don’t know what to do or where to start? Wondering what the “secrets” are to having a successful blog?

This week I’ll be revealing 10 powerful blogging secrets!

Some of the “Great Bloggers” or Professionals don’t want to share the secrets of their success, stay tuned and I’ll share some of their secrets!

Well today I am here to share some of the powerful secrets of blogging! You too can learn to blog like the pros! So take note!

Powerful Secret #1 Creates Powerful Headlines

For new bloggers and veterans alike, it’s important to write a compelling headline. Having a compelling headline will entice your visitor to open your article and read it. This means that your visitor will stay on your website/blog longer and possibly continue reading other articles. Using your keywords as part of your compelling headlines will also help with SEO, which means getting your article indexed in Google and other search engines. You need to know your target audience and what kind of language appeals to them. Get into the minds of your target audience and you will have the words that will work for them. Remember that there are no shortcuts here. You have to find out your precise audience and write directly about how those people feel.

Powerful Secret #2 Submit your article to directories

OK, I know what you’re thinking, I really do. You are thinking why would I submit my articles to directories when I just posted them on my website/blog! Right… look, I know you were. Submitting your articles to major directories helps you and your website/blog appear in search engines. Article directories have a high page rank in search engines and your article will be indexed in Google and other search engines faster. EzineArticles is where I first submitted my articles and they rank very highly with the search engines. I am now considered an “expert author”, which is great. There are several other directories you can submit your post to, but start with ExinzeArticles first and then submit to the others. Submitting your articles will give you links to your website/blog.

Powerful Secret #3 Make use of Social Networks

Using social media as a marketing strategy on your website/blog is very important for new bloggers. Social media is all the rage and very important for viral marketing of your website/blog. It helps spread the word about your website/blog, posts, and your business. It is online marketing at its finest. When you get visitors to your website/blog and give them a means to share your post with others, that’s viral marketing. Using a Facebook and/or Twitter plugin gives your visitors an easy way to help “advertise” your business. Using social media is like a big neon sign that says a lot about your website/blog saying check this out!

Powerful Secret #4 Use Ping Techniques

Technical points? What? As a new blogger, I realize that there are so many new ideas, terms, and things that need to be completed to build your website/blog. Now don’t worry, you’ll learn what you need when you need it. So what is pinging and why should you ping your website/blog? In a nutshell, pinging your website/blog allows you to notify or inform Google, other search engines and directories that your site has been updated. It’s like raising that red flag telling search engines that you have something new on your website/blog, come check it out! Now you only want to ping your site once a day and night would be the best time. Here is just one site I would recommend, pinging is free and easy.

Powerful Secret #5 Use Powerful Plugins

There are many different plugins out there and it can be confusing for new bloggers to decide which ones are the best and why you would use them. If you are using WordPress and I highly recommend that you use WordPress to create your website/blog, you can take advantage of some great plugins like “relevant posts” or “most popular posts”. The names say what they are. These are placed at the end of each post to help your visitors learn about other great posts you have on your site. Also, social media plugins like Twitter and Facebook are other great plugins to add to your website/blog. Plugins will make your blog more interactive and also make it easier for your visitors to find things!

Powerful Secret #6 Write for Low Relevancy Competitive Keywords

WOW! Keywords, uncompetitive keywords, what is this that you may be wondering? For new bloggers, this can be a bit scary, but don’t worry, it can be something to learn and achieve. Yes, even for you! (ha!) Keyword research is the most important part of blogging and writing your posts. You need to do some research on your keywords for your niche. Make sure they are relevant to the topic of your blog. Keyword research should be completed before you write anything because you don’t want to waste your time on something that isn’t going to work. You want to write for the uncompetitive keywords because it will be easier to get your article indexed by Google and other search engines.

Powerful secret #7 Post comments on other blogs

With this powerful secret for new bloggers, the importance of visiting other blogs in your niche cannot be stressed enough. First you want to see what your competition is doing. Second, you want to read your posts and make a comment. Make sure your comment is relevant and meaningful, not just thanks for sharing. Give your reason for liking or disliking the post, and be honest but not rude. The third reason for commenting is that it provides a link back to your website. The best backlink effort comes from getting a featured blogger to put your URL on their Blogroll.

Powerful Secret #8 Use Photos and Videos

Using images and videos on websites/blogs is another new blogger must do. The reason is that Google and other search engines really favor the use of videos and images on websites/blogs. Video marketing is a hot topic now as it is easy for you to produce it yourself. The best videos are produced from your own recording effort and putting in your own keywords for excellent SEO. However, you can still use other videos in your posts if you need or want to. There’s nothing wrong with using other people’s videos, as long as the video works with your niche.

Powerful Secret #9 Blogging Tools Free Online Resources

Many savvy bloggers have various blogging tools in their arsenal to help separate their blog from the rest. This is an area that experts don’t want new bloggers to know about or have in their tool belts. Being a successful blogger takes work, understanding that success doesn’t happen overnight, and learning how to find great resources. Getting noticed by savvy bloggers comes with determination, investing time, sharpening your skills, and remembering to stay ahead of the curve. A couple of great resources to use on your website/blog are Google Analytics and some great SEO tools. All in One SEO is great to use with WordPress.

Powerful secret #10 Learn from your mistakes

To me, this is the most important secret for new bloggers to remember. I have been there and made many mistakes though; I have learned from these mistakes and have improved my websites/blogs because of these mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, remember that! You may not realize that you made or have made mistakes. You start blogging and work hard to make your website/blog work and you don’t get any results. What you are doing is repeating some common mistakes. If you’re not making mistakes on your website/blog, then it’s not working! You need to spend time on your website/blog. If something doesn’t work, change it, tweak it, and then give it time to see if it works.

New bloggers should remember that blogging requires planning and a lot of work to be successful. Learning the secrets of blogging from expert bloggers is critical to distinguishing a good blogger from the thousands of other good bloggers. The experts don’t want other bloggers to know these secrets for one simple reason… you are their competition. Your competition will grow and then make it harder for you to stay on top.

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